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Hey Van Veen, how much do you charge per gram of cocaine? Do you ship to Philly?
TFW you buy a bag of apples (among other things) at Whole Foods, they ring up the wrong price and you ask it to be taken off, they take it off and then realize/admit you were right about the lower price, ring it back up, at which point you ask if the original scan was removed and they say yes, and then you later realize they double charged you for the apples at the inflated price and charged you again at the lower price. Shit like this happens so often that I'm pretty...
yeah, the person who gave him ten years of probation for killing four people is a judginfool
lol "working" lol "rest of the year" I'm on sabbatical until next August
Not disagreeing with you at all, but this past summer I read up on some recent interviews he gave (because I was living in Hollywood and walked past his haunt the Rainbow Bar regularly). He had toned his partying down quite a bit--although I guess that was closer to the very end than people expected.
yeah. it turns out that partying hard for decades really is bad for you. goddammit
♪ ♫ ♪ Tale as old as time ♪ ♫ ♪
On behalf of Philadelphia: I'm sorry you ate one of those.
I, too, lack one cash.
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