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just cheat. chances you'll get caught are really low. ianal
If they're still there next time I make it to NYC, sure
The NV Salon is the "Cuvee S" or whatever--has a big "S" on the front. I used to see it around in the PA wine stores for about $260 or so. It is slim pickings here, of course, but I'm also more than willing to hold off on the real celebration until I can go to New York and choose more carefully. Have always wanted to try Egly-Ouriet; I know Crush was advertising their selection of Selosse a while back and I'd like to try one of those too (but one of the lower-end bottles...
Lopez de Heredia holds down the fort against modern Spanish winemaking.Off topic: on Saturday, I will get a phone call informing me whether I'll be fired or promoted. If I get to keep my job, I'll need the best champers that a pleb can afford to celebrate. Should I go with NV Salon? Or a vintage champagne in that price range? [[SPOILER]]
WYHI is the way that lasbar types out the name of his deity, with the vowels removed so that we can't accurately pronounce it. Our closest guess is "Wud-yuh-hit-it."Lasbar worships a truly asinine god.
Damn you, biscotti. For a second I wondered how I had gotten so shitfaced that I ending up posting about mail-order semen.
Did you ever see the picture of "we three?"
Fucking Flo from Progressive, always failing to do her job.
which infant to murder
I take it that wtso's reputation isn't great but when I've had any issues they've been over-the-top generous. (Once just sent an email informing them that one particular wine was lousy. They instantly refunded me for all the bottles and said it was on them.) This leads me to be paranoid: I must be a cheap wino who spends so much on a janky discount website that he actually gets treated well.Also I really like how they ship all their wines pre-frozen. Just thaw and drink!
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