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I don't mind Downtown at all and have stayed there on multiple occasions. That being said, I guess I'd prefer being on the Westside or near the beach this trip.
I was born in Seoul. But I'm not sure that being an avid supporter of FC Seoul in the K League Classic would really enhance my experience of the sport.
Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but: I need an L.A. hotel room for a few nights at the end of the month and Hotwire has one left in Downtown L.A. Given the specs, I'm 90% sure it's the Standard. The price is reasonable ($125 a night) and I often park at the Standard anyways when I'm hanging out in the area. But I'm not sure the full-on douchefest will be worth it. Thoughts?
I've also had the same problem--arbitrarily picking a club seems stupid, somehow. I thought about rooting for Tottenham just because of their team name, but that seemed even more stupid. Like Baron, I've normally supported L.A. sports teams; on the other hand, I don't expect that I'll be able to muster any enthusiasm for the Galaxy or for any other MLS team.
Romeo Santos? Isn't that one of those fake shoe brands on Yoox?
Holy shit, I had no idea that was a phrase. I guess I made it all up in my head.I should go have a drink.
As the camera panned to Brazilian fans doing the wave, one commentator remarked on the "Mexican wave." I thought to myself, "Did that guy just say 'Mexican wave?'" And the five or ten ensuing seconds of silence confirmed that that's exactly what the other commentator was thinking as well. I could only imagine that he silently mouthed to the other commentator, "What the fuck? Did you just say 'Mexican?'" The only available response being a guilty shrug. Then finally, the...
For those of us watching on ESPN: the aftermath of the "Mexican wave" comment was painfully, hilariously awkward
^ well, in all fairness, he could've forced the Germans to score on some penalty kicks by fouling them
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