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Modest but happiness inducing haul from Silverlake Wine, CA
Weird. I like Picpoul fine when I want dirt cheap, cold refreshment. Hadn't known they're growing it in central California. I'm guessing they're charging a lot more than $8 a bottle or whatever the French stuff costs.
Justin was bought out by the Fiji Water company and is trying to turn into a soulless enterprise by cutting down oak-tree groves and expanding.
I can walk to Dodger Stadium! I'll check out a game when the temperature drops a bit. Haven't been since I was in middle school.
lol http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/06/21/what_is_draper_sterling_we_knocked_on_the_door_to_find_out.html
^ oh shit that's not far from where I am this summer and I love soft serve. I don't necessarily like waiting in long lines for relatively cheap free stuff, though. Maybe I'll check it out on Friday.
You seem very eager about this. My hunch is that you own a cheesesteak shop and anyone who shows up for this meat-up will be murdered and butchered so that you can save some money on your grade D beef.
Your username is patently false.
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