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THEY HAVE WINE TASTINGS AT THE HOLLYWOOD K&L?! I am an idiot and have lived my life all wrong.
I went for a walk Something I did not buy despite being intrigued & amused (I teach stuff related to Narcissus all the time) Gratuitous L.A. shot from walk home
nobody wants to know mathis is just pretending because he's super nice but in a disingenuous kind of way
I hear in Cincinnati they even have three-ways and four-ways with their chili.
but some nights you want to be master of your domain
Why don't you just cut out the middle man [sic] and make love with your employees? Or with your customers in exchange for six or seven bowels of chili? Or just with the chili?
Shit--glad to hear the improved news but obviously sounds super stressful.
^ hey I drove that recently. It was fun--like maneuvering an alpine sled or something
well at least that bathroom has less brown stuff smeared on it than your dinner plate
I had this exact problem. It's a tricky one to solve--just PM me your PayPal info and social security number and I'll help you out.
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