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Pretty sure I found the one great bargain on the drink list at Bestia in L.A. ($17 for a 750ml--not the most amazing beer but one I enjoy):
probably reggs trying to get Trump to autograph his cosplay outfit
Yeah, I keep reading about this place. Ain't no chance in hell I'm waiting in line for a long time for a fried chicken sandwich, no matter how well fried and spicy it is.
Greenblatt's Deli lives up to its global reputation
Honestly, the thing I was most impressed by was that--despite the 3% service fee that's becoming ubiquitous and a risible $1 per bottle of tap water fee that was added--the place wasn't trying to rip us off at all. The waiter down-sold us on a number of items and the portions were so big we couldn't order any more after our initial round of things. But most of the dishes seemed pretty one-note in flavor although everything was tasty enough. :shrug:
I had allowed my friends to convince me that Bestia lives up to all the hype. Got excited. It was okay.
undue appeals to religious freedom at one's workplace sure are risible and annoying
I think it's kind of sad how L'Inc goes out of his way to be nice to random kids on the internet while ignoring and being a jerk to his own son.
Might be there for the Riesling tasting if I'm still in town (plans all up in the air because of some developments re: my girlfriend's wife's work).
Opened a bottle we bought while we were visiting Napa. It's fine. Tastes more like a Napa cab than a merlot. Which is fine.
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