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bro do you even superego
that dude's always spending like $200 on > to attract the young ladies
Hadn't formulated an obvious fact about my life until just now: in my mid-30s, I've attained a professional/personal role that makes it pretty common for eighteen to twenty-one year old women to develop fairly conspicuous crushes on me. Yet due precisely to my professional/personal role, my only responses are: - chuckle and think of it as a meaningless perq and nothing more (the respectable tenable option); - act and become a professional/personal disgrace (the midlife...
No. The last Madiran I tried was Laffitte-Teston. It was like drinking saddle leather.
Had some of this tonight: http://www.astorwines.com/SearchResultsSingle.aspx?search=19435 I think that pretty much concludes my experiments in Tannat. Just not for me.
Jesus Christ--it's not that any of us are wounded by your incisive criticism. It's that you're a fucking tedious blowhard and we're sick of reading your shit.Either learn to be interesting or clever or go the fuck away.
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in this thread!
charlie sheen x derrida x uniqlo
How is an event in a post? What sutures this event--itself an anomaly, something that has been defined, cut, and estranged from the flow of time and from the spatial world around it--to its annunciation? This is, of course, an incarnational understanding of Flesh and Word united. Yet might we not understand L'Incandescent's "posts" as more accurately "pres," as signaling an open-ended messianic temporality? His posts are absurd, but in the future, events may or may not...
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