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Lexol abuse is no laughing matter.
This was $22 at the PA wine store. I'm really diggin' it.
So if that's your favorite passage, the book to read is Gordon Braden's _Renaissance Tragedy and the Senecan Tradition: Anger's Privilege_. An amazingly good scholarly book.
I believe you have me confused with harvey_birdman.
You're right. It's better for my sanity if I just leave racist cretins be.
^ nah, that's actually the story of your gross stupidity in the face of historical facts
If you're enjoying it in that particular way (in slow, readerly fashion, pausing to appreciate the language), you might want to check out Stephen Booth's essay/chapter "On the Greatness of Lear," in his book _King Lear, Macbeth, Indefinition & Tragedy_. Really great essay--but one that only really works if we primarily think of Lear as a text to be read rather than a play to be performed.
New Posts  All Forums: