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^ well, in all fairness, he could've forced the Germans to score on some penalty kicks by fouling them
Well our questions about Brazil seem to have been answered within three minutes.
^ It would've been even more interesting if it'd been Brazil v. Argentina, of course, but I think a match against the Netherlands is still a good litmus test. Winning against the Dutch would still mean something, even if it doesn't quite salvage the team's dignity. And despite van Gaal's public remarks about the third-place match, one hopes the Dutch players themselves would be out to prove that they can beat up on Brazil too.
^ fair enough, but in my defense: I only resorted to the cliché as a response to pBOOTH's absurd claim that Mexican food sucks.
It's just an evident truth to me since I grew up in a place with excellent Mexican food. I'm not responsible for the statement of a fact becoming faddish.NYC pizza hasn't really recovered from the Una Pizza Napoletana guy moving to San Francisco. But there's still plenty of good pizza around.
In my typically perverse fashion, I think I'm looking forward to the third-place match more than the final
dat rat tail
Had blood work done. Liver function (and everything else) normal. Time for a cocktail.
Wow, now this is like when the Russians started rooting for Rocky in Rocky IV.
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