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pussy cow
tfw you find your wedding band
^ +1 hadn't seen the bad news until just now
After a summer of relative gluttony, I can only conclude that Fishing With Dynamite is my hands-down favorite restaurant in L.A. right now.
Correct [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! It pays the bills.
Yes, I apologize. What you really said is: in some kind of hypothetical world with little or no similarity to our historical reality, hate crime laws that protect certain groups would clearly have to protect all groups. Otherwise, what we'd have is a grave breach of free speech! Like, as in, a dude is beating up someone and then he's like, "You can't police my thoughts!" Poor fellow. And also, we'd have to protect white men against hate crimes. Clearly this hypothetical...
I'm shocked (10) that your "argument" boils down to white butthurt. I want to be protected too! I'm particular too! Please refer to my point #2 above and to my comments re: hate crimes and terrorism. (Just kidding--I know you won't register my comments at all.)
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