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Now that Isobella has passed beyond her temporal Styleforum existence, she can be my internet Beatrice and guide me toward e-Paradise.
i'm as disappointing irl as i am on the interwebs
As Augustine discovered when he observed Ambrose, it is fully possible to read without reading out loud.
My Duckie Brown shell Cordovan shoes have arrived. Ah--they're just shellac. Are Allen Edmonds Shoes? Or overpriced shoe trees? To be rich, like Vox.
I'm watching the Expansive Ocean Vista channel on my TV.
Jesus, hadn't seen sonick's post when I posted my trivial lament. Sorry to hear and +1 on the good luck wishes for the job search.
Scored an amazing deal a sport coat on Yoox. Fits nearly perfectly without any alterations--except for the dreaded shoulder divots. Will probably have to return because I can't ignore the damn things and I can't live my life in robo-pose.
New Posts  All Forums: