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My own partisan inclination would be to downplay the Russian hacking thing--either as a fuck you to the DNC or in this kind of broader way (http://www.juancole.com/2016/12/america-russia-yourself.html). But I completely agree that the rhetoric of rational skepticism used as a flimsy screen is intellectually dishonest (Descartes 4 Dummies) and dangerous when that supposed skepticism gives way to impassioned certainty about shit that's stupid or false.
Congrats--you win today's prize for Most Concentrated Form of Stupidity! A real accomplishment when wojt and Medwed are posting, but you still pulled off a decisive victory.
It's not at all baffling to me how someone can be as fucking stupid as you. There are plenty of imbeciles out there. But I confess I do find it baffling how someone as manifestly stupid as you are--in ways that we all see here--can also assume a condescending posture.You know who's an actual fucking scientist in this discussion? Gibonius--that guy you dismissed as a "child" a few threads back, because that's the kind of pompous obtuse jackass you are. And this won't...
No, I'm not missing the point. I know where the "no poster here knows" logic leads: a skepticism that seems reasonable except that if you really think about it it spirals into an absolute skepticism about all mediated/partial knowledge. But both the reasonable seeming and the absolute versions of this skepticism are a ruse. It's a ruse to discredit anything you don't want to believe (which would be fine insofar as an honest skepticism actually leads to a kind of quietism)...
(double post)
Here's my attempt to clarify what's going on in this conversation and how everyone might be more honest: - if your point is that America has meddled in other nations' affairs and that Americans shouldn't be surprised by another country meddling in ours, then go ahead and say that. If you want to push that further and say America got what was coming to it, just say that. But don't try to twist that into some kind of epistemological claim. In some of the ways that other...
Hey it's like you took a hard turn left and now you're a Berniebro
trump university?
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