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Seriously, GreenFrog, you might be able to handle that kind of garbage diet since you're young, but before you know it your health will take a nosedive and your bowel movements will start to look like Sir Reveller's dinner plates. You don't want that happening to you.
I can tolerate various types of coffees--barring the kinds of abominations that GreenFrog drinks--because I do not have the digestive tract of a weakling.
That's your objection? That the category of hate crime impinges upon the free thought / free speech of a person committing a crime? That might make sense if in other cases, the law & the state had no claim upon motives, thoughts, or intentions. But that's entirely untrue since mens rea is a pretty central principle in lots of criminal matters. (I didn't strangle her because she was my wife, your honor! I just felt like strangling someone and she happened to be nearby! Stop...
could also have gone for the fishy "carp"
I'm guessing the discussion would go something like this:From a centrist-Western-liberal (liberal as in classical liberalism, not librul) position: "Hey, crimes are already crimes. We should treat all victims equally. Yes, sure, there are histories of targeted aggression against certain groups--racial, religious, etc.--but the best way to work against that history is to insist that everyone is (now) the same. Hate crimes reify the very categories they're meant to...
Not gonna lie: that dinner kind of sucked. Opted for the bigger tasting menu, but we should've gone for the smaller prix fixe which comes with different possibilities like the lobster pasta or tableside cote de boeuf (with supplements, the price is virtually the same). Most dishes were tasty enough; a few were clunkers (the salmon tasted like "old people food," in my wife's estimation). Honestly, the best part of the entire dinner was the bread service. They have some...
ah the enlightened conversation we'll have now: - stop jumping to conclusions stupid media - "hate crimes" are stupid hurr hurr - they blame Trump why don't they blame themselves hurr hurr (repeat for about eight pages of drivel)
Nope, I'll be too busy gourmandizing in Santa Monica in a few hours.
non-vintage, multi-vintage--I've seen both used
Pairings probably out of my budget (as are white burgs!). Will probably wind up getting a bottle of NV champagne and then an unfancy bottle of red. The restaurant is curiously, distinctively hideous looking on the outside. Hoping for a case of a deceptive appearances.
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