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^ this is 'murica. If you want to eat and drink like that on Thanksgiving, move to Italy!
2009 Socré Barbaresco. For a poor man's Barbaresco, it's not bad at all--very short finish, but perfectly pleasant. Alas, it'll be a somewhat grim Thanksgiving for wine. Some friends volunteered to get the wine and they apparently went out and bought a bunch of Meiomi pinot.
y'all got any more of that french butter?
Do you also share your hotel rooms with a roommate?
^ that reminds me that I need to buy a Christmas present for drunken me
That's pretty much my internal monologue when I'm really drunk. Thank you for leading me to the realization that I love and care for drunken me like my own son.
Started my morning by slipping on some wet stairs and falling on my ass. Have nearly fallen several more times since then. I guess my Dainite soled boots are out to kill me.
Am in the process of committing egregious infanticide (this is a 2011) because: a) a cellartracker note suggested that this is surprisingly good young; b) neither I nor my girlfriend particularly mind a tannic wine; and c) I'm a pleb with no wine storage. Really, really tasty wine for $17 or so.
Oddly enough, Cary Grant might've agreed.
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