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I'm the fastest fucker on the planet
this makes me
^ huh, that's how that qlomaire jacket is actually supposed to look. looked ridiculous on me so i had to return it.
I find it puzzling why I actually do like 100% mourvedre wines a lot. I generally dislike full bodied / higher abv / hotter stuff, but there's something about that particular mourvedre flavor (like a pleasing turpentine? or sometimes like an old sweater in the best possible way?) that I find strangely appealing.
Holy shit, that's terrible--very sorry to hear it.
jesus christ "pre-shave aioli" is one of the most unexpectedly nausea-inducing phrases i've encountered thx l'incandelicatessen
Tiki TiGreenblatt's--which has a wine store and also serves good wine
Tonight I walked 7.2 miles down Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, starting in Echo Park, stopping at L.A.'s finest tiki bar, and eventually arriving at my favorite Jewish deli. After a meal of my favorite sandwich, noodle kugel (not good), Duvel, and an Ojai pinot noir, I met up at a local douche-and-amazingly-good-looking-women scene (Laurel Hardware) for my friend's birthday. After hanging out at that douche-and-amazingly-good-looking-women scene (and at one point chatting...
Are you really this obtuse? It's not just that black people were legally segregated until the mid-twentieth century, as Gibonius points out. But also, as a result of American history leading up to that moment (and afterwards, really, since desegregation was a shitshow that revealed how must a lot of people loved their racism), black Americans were denied massive amounts of familial, intergenerational wealth accumulation. And not just literal wealth, but also cultural...
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