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non-prophet fetuses matter!on a less asinine note: i was trolling in part because american anti-abortion discourse routinely trots out that passage from jeremiah. christian anti-abortion views in america seem partly predicated on exactly that slippage that you note: making every fetus special in god's eyes. [[SPOILER]]
1) I was trolling.2) I'd like to think that it was a decent bit of trolling. So please pinpoint the sloppiness you allege--"only if Jeremiah was aborted" is itself a very sloppy response. The text unambiguously describes a temporal chain: divine foreknowledge of human to be born (probably not even on a temporal chain but outside of time) --> conception/gestation overseen by divine action --> sanctification --> birth. It's true that it's possible that this chain doesn't...
Yes. LOL. Joke's on me. I failed to register how devastatingly incisive your example was.My respite from SF lulled me into forgetting how "conversations" with you always go.
Despite all your talk of morality, you have a very, very poor grasp of biblical hermeneutics.I shall pray for you.
As YHWH says to the prophet Jeremiah, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee." From this passage, we can safely extrapolate that divine foreknowledge precedes conception, and that birth is a manifestation of a divine decision that is anterior to time. In the case of an aborted fetus: 1) either God did not decree and foreknow that life, so aborting it was a manifestation of his mysterious will 2) or...
Seriously, you trot out this middle-school-redditor example? Yes, nerds get beaten up. But "nerd" hasn't been deemed a protected category because we (collectively, through the channels of representative government) haven't deemed the history of picking on nerds as extensive and programmatic (e.g., in cahoots with official government policy) as the history of persecuting other groups. In this case, we've chosen to allow the existing channels (school discipline, legal) to...
Seriously, GreenFrog, you might be able to handle that kind of garbage diet since you're young, but before you know it your health will take a nosedive and your bowel movements will start to look like Sir Reveller's dinner plates. You don't want that happening to you.
I can tolerate various types of coffees--barring the kinds of abominations that GreenFrog drinks--because I do not have the digestive tract of a weakling.
That's your objection? That the category of hate crime impinges upon the free thought / free speech of a person committing a crime? That might make sense if in other cases, the law & the state had no claim upon motives, thoughts, or intentions. But that's entirely untrue since mens rea is a pretty central principle in lots of criminal matters. (I didn't strangle her because she was my wife, your honor! I just felt like strangling someone and she happened to be nearby! Stop...
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