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Had a bottle of this last night (too lazy to upload my own photo). The cuvée speciale, fwiw. It was stunningly flavorful--some of the flavors were like a lighter version of the flavors you get in an amaro--and I'm glad I gave it a go. But maybe it's the pleb in me, but I think I prefer my rosés to be a little simpler, with straightforward acidity and pleasantness.
hey where's my invite
^ I've been meaning to go to the Bohemian for years. I told my buddy about it and then he became a member (or whatever) and has gone a bunch of times, but somehow I keep forgetting to check it out myself.
Clicked on this link without thinking about it, and now the URL in my browser history makes it look like I've been perusing gay porn. [[SPOILER]]
I'm 37!
Hey, I have a question while we're on the topic of jumpsuits. I've never worn one but I've wondered: what happens when you have an errant boner while wearing one? You don't even have the constriction/separation of a waistband to mitigate the visual effects. Inquiring minds want to know.
Even earlier:
As someone who is applying to grad school, you should stop using dangling modifiers.
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