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Hey man, I only do this like once every three years. I can't be propping up the Hitachino import/export racket.
I did it again. I paid too much for Hitachino only to confirm that I find it puzzling that people willingly pay too much for Hitachino.
That's odd. I haven't fallen in love with my attorney.
OTOH, the very name of your law school had already suggested the insertion of a phallus into a male of the previous generation.
why doesn't my office have a waterbed
Alas, haven't done any major celebrations. For a variety of stupid reasons (including: the idea of buying something fancy to celebrate when you could actually just be fired is rather unpleasant). Have had some janky non-vintage stuff, but am still waiting to look around for the good stuff. Maybe over spring break in New York or something.
easy there with the assumptions, buddy. who said it was intentional?
Psst.... [[SPOILER]]
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