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ah the enlightened conversation we'll have now: - stop jumping to conclusions stupid media - "hate crimes" are stupid hurr hurr - they blame Trump why don't they blame themselves hurr hurr (repeat for about eight pages of drivel)
Nope, I'll be too busy gourmandizing in Santa Monica in a few hours.
non-vintage, multi-vintage--I've seen both used
Pairings probably out of my budget (as are white burgs!). Will probably wind up getting a bottle of NV champagne and then an unfancy bottle of red. The restaurant is curiously, distinctively hideous looking on the outside. Hoping for a case of a deceptive appearances.
Iunno, I refuse to order Screaming Eagle if it's under $5,000 a bottle.
Going to dinner at Mélisse in Santa Monica tomorrow. Perusing the wine list. Seems like they want to reward Bandol drinkers, which is fine with me, while completely screwing over anyone who wants some champers. I'm intrigued by the two Irancy reds on the list.
for HRoi: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9583392 (no I don't have this. yet.)
oh i have bottles full of the stuff in the freezer
Had been getting bitten by mosquitos all summer long--which is pretty normal for me (my blood must be tasty). But I'm pretty sure I've been bitten by chiggers in the last few weeks. My legs look like a meth head's face and I wake up in the middle of the night with itches so intense I'd rub my skin off with sandpaper if I had any. Hydrocortisone lotion only somewhat helpful. The entire situation is ridiculous enough as it is, but did they really have to name the mites...
BFM La Meule over at Sunset Beer. Not amazing but enjoyable--the sage is thankfully subtle.
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