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I'm trying to talk to you. I really am.That's fine. Notice that your belief (in the hypothetical case of Finland) is not "scientific" in the ways that you invoked. It's essentially a reflection of your political trust in Finland as opposed to the U.S. My initial comment was entirely about the conflation of knowledge-claims and political claims, and how we might as well be honest about them instead of circling about.Your claim about why you don't believe the U.S. and why...
Seriously, stop trying to flatten everything out with your grand sweeping pronouncements that only you think are convincing. Your claim about how U.S. citizens think/feel is grossly reductive and also more prescriptive than it is descriptive.The better point that you gesture toward is the rift--perceived and/or real--between the government's best interests and the citizens'. Gibonius clearly raises a perfectly valid point when he says:Nothing about underhanded dealings...
I said a few pages ago that I'm personally sympathetic to the claim that the U.S. meddles in global affairs and that other countries meddling back is a comeuppance. My point was that if you want to say that, then do so without all the absurdly disingenuous ploys about uncertainty, proof, Obama, Al Jazeera, whatever.
You're asking what the difference is between discourse (leaders opining as well as declaring their positions, various media outlets publishing things and hoping to sway audiences) and hacking into e-mail servers. You're asking what the difference is between something that's legal and something that's illegal.
Hey man, he has a B.S., magna cum difficultate, in nuclear waste disposal studies from Jan III Sobieski Institute of Glorious Scientific Learning and Dogsledding Technique.
Uhh. Okay. And, uhh, you go back to work at the Polish nuclear waste management plant. Or whatever it is you do.
$39 for Clio is a great price I've never tried the El Nido
good QPR? isn't that shit like $50? /pleb
piob's manichean dilemma the angel on piob's right shoulder: "you keep saying this guy's not worth responding to. you've said that like five times" the devil on piob's left shoulder: "must not stop posting. post endlessly as long as anyone responds to you in any fashion. get that lifetime post count up to a million."
New Posts  All Forums: