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Hahahahaahah Eagles. Hahahahahhaha weeks of idiot bros talking about Super Bowl contention while praising the virtues of Yuengling. God I hate this city and my only joy is schadenfreude. Life is meaningless.
Just got an e-mail from a local bar advertising these beers on tap this week: Hanssens Oude Lambic, Hanssens Scarenbecca Kriek, OEC Brewing Artista Zynergia: Oudilis. Know nothing about any of them--worth checking out?
--Søren Kierkegaard (as Constantine Constantius), Repetition.
You seem worked up, man. Have a muffin.
^ Huh, Robuchon enunciates really clearly when he speaks. My French is incredibly rusty now and I was always bad at aural comprehension, but I can still sort of follow along.
so is lawyerdad akin to the toddler or to the mess under the table
bruh it's half that price IN JAPANhttp://www.wine-searcher.com/find/dom+by+taittinger+le+reve+blanc+de+sparkling+brut+carneros+napa+valley+county+north+coast+california/2008
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