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Safe & boring vs. higher degree of difficulty. Gotta go for the glory.
How much do you usually pay for that service?
Strolling around NYC as an erstwhile denizen is exhilarating at first and then, invariably, melancholia inducing. /emo
I had to peruse the climate controlled room at Astor Wine to keep from melting
I tried a Clover coffee at Starbucks recently after having heard about it in this thread. I must've picked the wrong variety--over-roasted to the point that it tasted like any other Starbucks dark roast. Will try again when the fancy strikes me.
Of all the days of this week I could've picked to head up to NYC, I pick the hottest one with thunderstorms in the forecast. Can't reschedule because I'm hanging out with a buddy and crashing at his place.
you and pBOOTH
http://www.seriouseats.com/2012/01/los-angeles-shrimp-tacos-dorados-mariscos-jalisco-truck-la-ca.html I'm recommending this a) because the shrimp tacos blew my mind the first time I tried them and b) because I'm delighted even by the slim chance that mgm will be eating tacos from a truck on the streets of East L.A.
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