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^^^ uhh, is that one of your kiddie porn defendant clients?
The Earl of Rochester claimed that he had been constantly drunk for five years. Then again, he died of syphilis in his early thirties.
so really the Maybach of menswear with a deceptively humble tag?
Lovely day for a jog. Until I tripped, fell on my face, broke my glasses, bloodied up my cheek and my knees, and had to walk back looking like a zombie.
You could've just been a pal and bought the guy some Metamucil
are you traveling to NYC all the way from the 1970s?
fuck that--i want to throw a gala. for the erictheobscure save the humanities fund (erictheobscure CEO and CFO)
^ whatevs. pB is out there chugging martinis, eating caviar, and flirting with his boss's hot wife. maybe all the galas that you go to are shitty. could be worse though--i never go to any galas, shitty or caviarmilftastic.
lol now we know that piob just goes to shitty galas
New Posts  All Forums: