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Ok, so now I really want an SF meetup/drinking competition to happen. I wouldn't win and I might very well end up in the hospital, but I'd still be happy to participate.
^ wow, that image brings back memories. Mostly of those goofy TV commercials featuring the two mustachioed dudes.
did you... did you just call me a sissy
Ordered this on a lark. Enjoyed it quite a bit.
Do you... do you, uhh, shit guacamole? [[SPOILER]]
It's easier just to say, "Meh, B minus slash C plus. If you revise your comment I might consider bumping your grade up."People really enjoyed being graded and respond favorably to it.
I was recently at a party where I found a giant capri-sun style metal bag of upstate NY sweet white wine. I think it was called something like White Cat and the package suggested making some sort of cooler out of it. I spent some part of the evening walking around squirting that stuff into people's mouths. I felt a bit sheepish when, the next morning, I asked, "Where the hell did that shit come from?" and apparently some relatives of the host had brought it because they're...
^ My mom started using one of those a while back and she refuses to make rice in anything else. I'm guessing it must be a pretty good appliance since Koreans are fairly serious about rice.
You should rename your dog Harold falcon.
Tried some BFM √225 yesterday. Was a bit disappointed--a lot milder in flavor than I'd expected.
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