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Frequenting a burger place that shares a name with your dog.
lol says the guy who used to call himself birdman and then changed his name to hide from "an ex-girlfriend."
Regis doesn't believe in labels or branding so he probably won't tell you. Sorry, but good luck with your search.
^ I don't know why people in this thread keep making this "91 points on Cellar Tracker" joke. I know it's not meant literally, but it's not even close enough to the truth to be funny. Piob asked a while back about this in wine: Cellar Tracker average (with eleven user reviews): 85.3. I think aggregates of reviews are useful as long as there are enough reviews to weed out the anomalies (the blithe drunk who rates everything 90+). Even if it were true that every wine...
I just achieved a personal best on the rowing machine (mente).
I should've clarified--I meant this one:
not gonna lie that waffle chicken sandwich looks kind of good
wtf has happened to this thread
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