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Off-topic: because of my frequent drinking card at my local bougie bar, I have a free subscription to Wine Spectator. Honestly not sure why anyone would pay money to subscribe to this magazine. Every issue is packed with pages and pages of ratings that I don't trust.
For a split second, I wondered if I had gotten really drunk and done this & posted about it. It's the only time I've actively wanted one of biscotti's reminiscences to be mine.
Should've made a note of the brand names. The $15 pasta was in a fancy gift/presentation box that screamed ripoff. I usually use De Cecco. Forget how much San Marzano tomatoes are--maybe around $5 for a can?
I really had and still have no interest in the status of Shaq's foreskin.
On the bright side, that drunkbro is fucked. (And good to hear nobody seems to have been hurt.)
I might be alone here but I have a real fondness for the Spanish/tapas place Estadio.
Bro that's the just the Holy Spirit you're feelin' after you ate your evangelical sandwich.
Where the fuck are you bumpkins from? Philly drivers are grumpy assholes (myself included) but we're not the worst or the scariest. We're not even close to Boston-level assholery.
Haha this is a textbook definition of pathetic right-wing ressentiment. Keep up the good work! (No really, your particular brand of mediocrity fills me with warm feelz.)
Pleb query: my local overpriced gourmet store sells super expensive dried pasta ($8 - $15 per package). Is high-end imported dried pasta somehow really amazing or would I be a chump to try it out of curiosity?
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