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I suddenly feel virtuous for averaging three to four drinks a night. Thanks, SF.
Angel's Share is still my go-to place.
Turns out the banhammer is delayed just a bit; it's currently stuck behind a woman with a cell phone.
Meanwhile, over at purseforum:
^ LOL. Avatar: Daniel Craig 007. Actual user: dude who can't maneuver around a person walking slowly on the street. And can't muster up an "excuse me." And posts about it on SF instead.
Early onset Alzheimer's. Those are your kids and you're just failing to recognize them.
Oy, Led Zeppelin is the worst. Worse than Van Halen even.
God, I had momentarily forgotten what a windbag you are. I think people can read for themselves what I've written and that I was being perfectly frank. (Go back to my reply to your original passive aggressive query and you'll see what I had to say, especially under the spoiler.)And, BTW, this all started with me posting on the happy thread with a minor but nice thing that happened to me professionally.
Yeah, the unapproved vaccine thing is crazy! I guess they're encouraging all undergrads to get it, but among staff, only those who really live on campus in close proximity. Have no idea what other precautions are available. I'm normally a germaphobe, but this would send me over the edge.
My girlfriend is currently working at Princeton (just took the car to drive to work this morning).
New Posts  All Forums: