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Where is manton these days?
In that case, ship me 40
I, for one, am eager for the continuation of this illuminating debate about whether the category of the bock can admit of paleness and/or hoppiness.
♫♩♪Take me down to the paradise city Where the beer is good And the tacos are pretty ♪♬♩
so you got someone to pull your pork, but the real question is: is it a footlong or a six incher? /hroi
Hmm, off the top of my head (without any real knowledge of the genre): maybe the running commentary works because it adds a layer of relative reality to what's otherwise just footage of an already simulated/mediated experience. Curious to compare this to televised sports, in which it's the spoken commentary that renders the sport less real (i.e., just a bunch of people running around doing physical stuff) and turns it into a mediated spectacle.
there's money in having people watch people throw a bouncy ball in a hoop or hit a small ball into a hole in the grass so or have sex with midgets so shrug
Here's my hot take, based largely on anecdotal evidence (e.g., my parents who identify as Republicans but think Republican politicians seem like dolts, voted for Gore, &tc.). You probably assume Asians should align with the GOP because you loosely associate Asians with a don't-ask-for-help-capitalist ethos (or something like that). But I think you might be overemphasizing how that much kind of attitude defines the GOP--as opposed to all manner of moral posturing as well as...
shrug so he was white man bellyaching by proxy same difference to me
What the fuck are you talking about? I was responding to this:
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