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this is what it looks like when two doves cry BTW, you might be wondering why that penis there. Sometimes, a penis just a pen.
Well. You can have video footage of cops literally choking a man to death and still have bootlickers like ataturk chiming in about how they were in the right. So I guess they figure they can protect a cop for running a pedestrian over.In any case, here's a little story about the mailman who got arrested, complete with info about how his fiancée is a...
Yeah, the Koreans I know are more blasé about croaking than American whiteys who secretly think they're immortal or some such shit
Oh look, they tapped a new keg of Hill Farmstead Dorothy
stfu hroi
I don't know anything about Walid Phares aside from a cursory Google search. Neocon interventionist stooge with Lebanese-Christian identity as a deflective shield? Or a lot more interesting than that?
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