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^ Princeton is godawful when it comes to happily oblivious slow-moving pedestrians.
Had a couple of Americano cocktails last night. Can't believe I hadn't ever tried one before. Really, really refreshing--I think I'll be enjoying more of them this summer.
This post effectively preempts the snide remarks that it invites.
I saw that episode. I never had to go through that punishment (although I endured other forms). The claims about Korean dysfuntion were overhyped but with more than a grain of truth.
^ ahh, hadn't heard about the steakhouse. Frankly, it seems like the kind of place that would seem appealing when drunk but that would prove to be a really bad mistake in hindsight.
^ Does the actual restaurant still exist? I thought that they completely moved their operation to the joint inside PS 1. (I've never made it to any of the locations.)
Actual dining options in LIC: 1. Tournesol for okay bistro fare. 2. Manducati's Rustica for surprisingly good pizza in an admittedly weird eatery with bad service. 3. Bella Via for passable pizza in a more pleasant setting. 4. Tuk Tuk for okay Thai food. There's also some ramen place re-opening that's supposed to be really quite good. Probably a lot of new places I'm not familiar with since it's been several years since I lived in Queens.
Will hit you up next time. To be fair, I succeeded in squandering some of my money by meeting up with a friend (actually more of my girlfriend's friend) and gettling cocktails (@Wallflower--not my choice) and then beer and snacks @ Spotted Pig. So I was somewhat content to drink a bottle of cava and eat Tunisian takeout at my friend's place while playing GTA V. Addendum in response to your query: my friend is an assistant professor. I don't know his exact salary, but I'm...
Was hanging out at my friend's place in W-burg (on Kent, right by the water) the other night. I was floored when he told me how much he was paying for his one-bedroom apartment (admittedly in a really nice building). It was my first time in the area in a few years, and the changes were really pronounced. Felt sort of like Park Slope and sort of like that one third-tier douchy patch in LIC. My friend spends so much on rent that he didn't want to go to dinner. No Red Farm...
Safe & boring vs. higher degree of difficulty. Gotta go for the glory.
New Posts  All Forums: