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It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in this thread!
charlie sheen x derrida x uniqlo
How is an event in a post? What sutures this event--itself an anomaly, something that has been defined, cut, and estranged from the flow of time and from the spatial world around it--to its annunciation? This is, of course, an incarnational understanding of Flesh and Word united. Yet might we not understand L'Incandescent's "posts" as more accurately "pres," as signaling an open-ended messianic temporality? His posts are absurd, but in the future, events may or may not...
Key différance: your visual proof is always already a part of our online discourse, in which it is impossible to verify something in an empirical way (as if all of existence were not, at some level, like this). The need for text (écriture, scription) even within your (digitally reproduced, disseminated) image reveals how you are attempting to catch up to a truth that always eludes. In this case, that truth being the "yee haw" of the man who can never be heard. And it's...
next time you order truffle fries, you can get your money back if you tell the server, "I thought these would be fried pieces of white truffle!" that way you won't get ripped off it'll be free of course better way is not to be a numbnuts and order truffle fries
^ I am now also happy that I seem to have jinxed the Eagles with my post.
As an ambivalent Philadelphian, I don't *really* care if the Eagles win or lose. OTOH, as a petty, schadenfreude-loving jerk, I am thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying this Cowboys implosion.
I just wanted to quote this here to make sure matt would see it :
you know what would be great for the environment? turning your computer off for a few months
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