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^ the entire thing indicates he has no idea what's going on (starting from his failure to grasp that scotland voted overwhelmingly to stay) and he's trying to grasp for familiar talking points but they're coming out in an incoherent jumble of irrelevance am shocked that you don't recognize stupidity when it's right before you. it's okay, though. feel free to post another stupid bird photo if that makes you feel clever. probably not the one with a kid with down syndrome,...
wow, is the breakdown really this stark?
This seems more and more likely.http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/24/europe/scotland-eu-referendum/index.html
seriously, dude, give the willful stupidity a rest. it's not charming or witty.
It's true from my experience teaching that admitting minority students from poorer backgrounds (or, actually, just students from poorer backgrounds, or for that matter, wealthy international students from slightly different educational systems) can create problems. And schools need to commit more resources to alleviating those problems as best as they can, if they're committed not just to diversifying student populations but ultimately to promote success among...
^ are you claiming that the letter was prescient when it comes to Yale Law or about academia in general?
Just tried a Guisados chiles torreados taco (their hottest one) for the first time. While it wasn't so hot that I was weeping like some frat buffoon doing an inedible wings challenge, it was hot enough that I won't be repeating that experiment again
hey, you know what they say--even a broken cock &tc.
I was actually goading biscotti into drinking himself into oblivion.Please don't associate me with your "trapping don't matter" humanistic drivel. All "that crap" is the only thing that keeps us from being feral organisms.
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