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i LOVE this game of "what would I do if I were in suddenly charge of America with no regard to laws or practicality or history or anything else, really!" it's as fun as it is useful
we swam to america. when we got too tired to go on some muslim dolphins carried us on their backs
no no no you're not playing the game rightyou have to answer the question only while keeping to pennglock's assumptions: everyone believes in numerical quotas on immigration; there's a hierarchy of cultures whereby brown pakis are less accretive* to our culture than chinamen* - i cringed typing this phrase. i know it's too much to ask pennglock to say something smart, but maybe he could work on making his prose a little less abject
Great idea, if a bit unoriginal! But say, trinitarian doctrine has always been a serious point of contention between Christianity and Islam and will probably get in the way of your benevolent missionary endeavors. Islamic theology (speaking broadly) tends to see trinitarian doctrine as a strange concession to polytheism--and you gotta admit Muslims have a point there! Maybe you can get together with your fellow Christian leaders and reviewing the conditions under which...
http://press-pubs.uchicago.edu/founders/documents/amendI_religions45.htmlI know actually quoting Jefferson won't help at all because you'll believe in whatever Jefferson you want believe in. And, of course, whenever it suits you, you'll revert to some sloppy appeal to historical contextualization whereby Jefferson could never have foreseen these complex modern times we live in with the existential threat of large-scale mooslem immigration. But, in any case, there's a...
nice try, Satan Jesus is responsible for ALL football wins
It doesn't take a right-wing Sherlock (or a convenient brown spokesperson!) to prove that large swaths of the Muslim world are suffering from problems of fundamentalism and of extremism. The question (again, that's beyond my pay grade--and yours too!) is how best to deal with that problem at home and abroad. Suited keeps stroking his patriotism boner by arguing persuasively declaring that we have to close our borders to Muslims! Let's just put aside the fact that...
it's the christian thing to do [[SPOILER]]
If I had to guess, I'd say he's a perfectly friendly guy who likes wearing Hawaiian shirts and drinking beers in the back yard IRL but gets agitated when confronting the never-ending assholery in this thread. [[SPOILER]]
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