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TFW you're lowballing on Priceline and end up with the Holiday Inn
Secretary of Education, duh
don't forget the A-1 sauce
So if you keep pointing fingers at people whom you deem excessive in their responses to Trump, does that a) distract from the fact that Trump has said all manner of crazy shit or b) somehow retroactively prove that the crazy shit Trump said is acceptable?I'll answer the question for you: no it doesn't. All it does is allow you to feel good about yourself for no particularly good reason other than your resentment of so-called elites. Trump has said crazy shit and the best...
Has it crossed your mind that some people might actually be troubled by the things Trump said while he was campaigning for president? And that it doesn't all reduce to resentful identity politics?
Maybe these sorts of questions are a distraction from the real one: what plans does Trump have to profit from the presidency or even just to embezzle funds if he thinks he can get away with it?
fair enough, you got me
Agree on this too.
desideratum, you twit
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