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(I guess it's more or less true at this point.)
^ It's been a while since I had the white since I love the rosé so much. The only problem is that it's so damned drinkable, half the bottle is gone a second after I open it.
Yesterday, had a late lunch at Fishing with Dynamite. Had been there once before and enjoyed it, but this little meal was damn near perfect. Their tonnato and heirloom tomato toast (recent addition to the menu) might be the best thing I've eaten in a while. Then later, spotted the Guerrilla Taco truck outside Silverlake Wine. Was initially a bit miffed about how expensive the tacos and how long the orders took. But then I realized that they're expletive-inducing good.
laws can be broken, therefore laws are stupid only bad guys break the law, therefore laws are stupid hurr hurr HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND WE WON THE ARGUMENT AGAIN
keepin' it classy
how dare the Obama administration not give Al Qaeda the kind of recognition it wants!
In today's installment, our dimwit protagonist attempts the crudest sort of Marxist analysis--not just reducing everything to economic realities in the last instance, but actually denying patent facts (i.e., a jingoistic slogan isn't patriotic! Patriotism can't be patriotism if there's an opposition to the government!) to make everything a claim about economic realities. Nice try, dimwit protagonist! This is better than your usual efforts! Pretty soon you might start...
^ hey, I think fuuma reposted this from my colleague who is mysteriously Facebook friends with fuuma in some sort of Montreal alliance. In any case, I'll just cut-and-paste my response to this article on that colleague's Facebook wall: I think what needs to be explained further is the relationship between the actual "elites" (i.e., upper-echelon corporate and political leaders) and groups that don't necessarily grab the same share of the money but reap a more diffuse set...
Magpies was disappointing. Girlfriend got the honey yuzu (a little mild on the yuzu flavor), which was better than my strawberry rhubarb (mostly just acidic). We agreed that we both preferred something cheap like the cones at Chik-fil-A. The only consolation was standing in line in front of a B list celebrity.
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