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It's not "my" social experiment, you mouthbreather. I'm not some kind of left-leaning mastermind* who shapes world religions; I'm talking about large scale aims that we all play a tiny part in advancing. Broadly speaking, these aims are: 1) continue to argue that one major world religion--one that encompasses about a quarter of the human population--is bad. And inexorably bad. 2) spur policies, action, and conversations that promote favorable changes, both within Muslim...
my erection stands corrected
I know this won't register at all, but here's the simplest explanation I can offer of a anti-homophobia stance that doesn't devolve into the anti-Muslim tirade you wish everyone would participate in:1. Be against discrimination (at the lowest level) and (at the most extreme) violence against gay people2. Be against political antagonism against Islam--out of commitment not only to freedom of religion, out of a hope to move beyond the "clash of civilizations" worldview, and...
Yeah, numbnuts, I was actually responding to articles that attempt to link legal free speech with other forms not related directly to the state. You know, in an entire thread that's about the ersatz category of "thoughtcrimes" in academia.
How come, in my limited experience, serious beerheads seem to shit on Tank 7? It's reliable and good.
Haha, there's a chance I will be there at that time visiting my folks. If so, we'll drink some rubbery pinot noir or burnt rubbery Rhone blend.
I'm always ornery but I'd be more than happy to buy a round if I ever see you in the Central Coast
I mentioned American right-wing mouthbreathers in an example that also mentioned my own practices as a professor. I was being fair and balanced! When it comes to my phrase "right-wing dictators," feel free to swap that with "oppressive dictators" and accept my apologies if that would be a salve for your egorectum.
Synopsis of something that was already broken down into bullet points: "free speech" has never been and still isn't unfettered free speech. If right-wing dictators have a point that Western liberalism a) doesn't legally protect any and all free speech and b) doesn't promote in various social outlets any and all stupid ideas, that's not some profound exposure of hypocrisy. The right response isn't to allow--at the level of law--any and all speech to be legal so that we're...
New Posts  All Forums: