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Why not a nonstop stream of Irish coffee?
not all of me, exactly, but my sex is on fire
I'll volunteer for this.
I also piss people off by remarking, "It's just a dog." But that's usually in the context of explaining the contents of my lunch.
That house would be fun as shit to live in. You could throw parties and all your friends could come and laugh their asses off while getting drunk.
no we're talking about l'inc's sexual encounters as facilitated by technology plz pay attn
That is correct, especially as betimes the Lord took all of his anger out on his own son who is apparently kind of sort of really himself so he shouldn't be mad any more.
I can spot an Upper West Sider a mile away, what with their beady little eyes and all.
http://nypost.com/2014/12/01/chef-acccused-of-serving-worst-cuts-to-asians-upper-west-siders/ (oops, didn't see this had already been posted )
New Posts  All Forums: