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no, appeal to walter sobchakshut up you drunk moron
smarter than you are, dude
Las Vegas Seagulls (pun; irony of seagulls in the desert) Las Vegas Chinese Pai Gow Players (literal truth)
Las Vegas Whales
Donkey & Goat is hard or impossible to find in the hellhole I usually live in, so I'm looking forward to trying this bottle for the first time!
Modest but happiness inducing haul from Silverlake Wine, CA
Weird. I like Picpoul fine when I want dirt cheap, cold refreshment. Hadn't known they're growing it in central California. I'm guessing they're charging a lot more than $8 a bottle or whatever the French stuff costs.
Justin was bought out by the Fiji Water company and is trying to turn into a soulless enterprise by cutting down oak-tree groves and expanding.
I can walk to Dodger Stadium! I'll check out a game when the temperature drops a bit. Haven't been since I was in middle school.
New Posts  All Forums: