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can't tell if feeble sarcasm or if comment was stuck uploading for two months
I don't know anything about artisanal kimchi, but having watched my mom make the stuff, it does take a lot of labor and prep.
Ahh, the old Benny Hill free kick routine from Germany
Speaking as one of those annoying once-every-four-year ignorant American "soccer" viewers: I really didn't expect this match to be this entertaining (or Germany to look this shaky).
Algeria looking pretty good early on.
I used to be a Northern Quilted man, but my girlfriend prefers thinner two-ply toilet papers that are less prone to crumbling. I've grown used to that kind of thing despite my initial reluctance to switch.
Jesus Christ, is this turning into the What Are You Using to Clean Your Teeth Today thread?
Solution: offers to donate kidney to beloved friend/relative who needs one. Donates the half-functioning one. Prickish benevolence achieved.
This was odd--looked like they'd given up even before it became 2-0.
New Posts  All Forums: