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I saw that episode. I never had to go through that punishment (although I endured other forms). The claims about Korean dysfuntion were overhyped but with more than a grain of truth.
^ ahh, hadn't heard about the steakhouse. Frankly, it seems like the kind of place that would seem appealing when drunk but that would prove to be a really bad mistake in hindsight.
^ Does the actual restaurant still exist? I thought that they completely moved their operation to the joint inside PS 1. (I've never made it to any of the locations.)
Actual dining options in LIC: 1. Tournesol for okay bistro fare. 2. Manducati's Rustica for surprisingly good pizza in an admittedly weird eatery with bad service. 3. Bella Via for passable pizza in a more pleasant setting. 4. Tuk Tuk for okay Thai food. There's also some ramen place re-opening that's supposed to be really quite good. Probably a lot of new places I'm not familiar with since it's been several years since I lived in Queens.
Will hit you up next time. To be fair, I succeeded in squandering some of my money by meeting up with a friend (actually more of my girlfriend's friend) and gettling cocktails (@Wallflower--not my choice) and then beer and snacks @ Spotted Pig. So I was somewhat content to drink a bottle of cava and eat Tunisian takeout at my friend's place while playing GTA V. Addendum in response to your query: my friend is an assistant professor. I don't know his exact salary, but I'm...
Was hanging out at my friend's place in W-burg (on Kent, right by the water) the other night. I was floored when he told me how much he was paying for his one-bedroom apartment (admittedly in a really nice building). It was my first time in the area in a few years, and the changes were really pronounced. Felt sort of like Park Slope and sort of like that one third-tier douchy patch in LIC. My friend spends so much on rent that he didn't want to go to dinner. No Red Farm...
Safe & boring vs. higher degree of difficulty. Gotta go for the glory.
How much do you usually pay for that service?
Strolling around NYC as an erstwhile denizen is exhilarating at first and then, invariably, melancholia inducing. /emo
New Posts  All Forums: