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I'm glad my query has sparked such active debate. But now my wife wants to me to go get it checked out. My attempt to convince her that ramuman on styleforum knows what he's talking about wasn't very successful and since it was my goddamn fault for clipping the curb I'll probably have to go pay some greedy tiremonger.
It's pretty shallow--shallow enough that I couldn't accurately measure with a tape measure. (I guess I'd have to estimate it at 1/8"?) I looked carefully at it and it's clearly just more rubber--didn't come close to the braided core or whatever the strands are that actually give structural support.I'm leaning toward not taking it in to a tire place just for the reason you and ramuman mention. Hope I share brokencycle's luck and not Concordia's--although if I am lucky and...
Off topic car maintenance/repair query to car dudes from a guy who knows nothing about cars. [[SPOILER]]
driving a student on a Saturday morning might be worth it for the gags maybe i'll fill up my back seat with empty beer cans and bottles of Popov
Employer: Hey, that meeting you're supposed to attend is actually going to be at a conference center fifty miles away. On a Saturday morning. ericthegoodemployee: Ok. I'll drive over. Employer: Hey, in that case, could you pick up a student and drive him/her/it over?
I stopped watching a few episodes into the first season. I thought it was obnoxiously trite.
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