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yeah, this is miserably unfun
^ failing to take into account the blight that Rooney brings
This might be the only time I've never agreed wholeheartedly with neo.
This is what I need in life. I love Szechuan (Sichuan? whatever) food but I NEVER. GET. ENOUGH. MA-LA. SENSATION.
Avance in Philadelphia LOL
b1os, I just stole your screen capture (if it's even yours to begin with) to use as my FB profile pic
Hey b1os, is this one of those amateur matches you recommended to me? Me gusta.
This is unfuckingbelievable
Hey European, some of us happen to think that scoring is fun.
Despite being a Korean dude, part of me is relieved that the match ended in a tie. For the physical well-being of that Russian goalie.
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