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If you're willing to go one subway stop outside of Manhattan, Casa Enrique in Long Island City is good. FWIW, it even has a Michelin star.
gnaw man, bulldogs are one of the least tasty dog breeds
ojfc not another goddamned credit card conversation
meeting up with some friends in NYC next week Betony or Batard?
If my Korean ancestors were to learn that I paid the equivalent of their annual salary for a dinner that included "Cabbage Sandwich, Buckwheat Groats," they would torment me eternally. And I would deserve it.
I really disliked the Red Rice beer the one time I tried it. It tasted strangely salty to me. All the others are in the meh/fine range. I can't believe matt drinks beer.
^ Have been confronting more and more the inevitable fact of having to help my parents as they retire and grow old. It's humbling in general. But the possibility of memory loss and dementia--that stuff is simply terrifying.
Hey man, I only do this like once every three years. I can't be propping up the Hitachino import/export racket.
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