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I shall be in Cali wine country as well. Helping out at my parents' plus-sized women's clothing store in a failing suburban/rural shopping mall
If you were a really effete man, you'd get a PhD in English.
+1, except substitute "girlfriend and own conscience" for "wife"
Oh, I meant $ for the LA Times--not $ for you personally. That'd be unseemly, as if your posts constituted .
Drinking some Ser Lapo Chianti Classico 2009. Not bad. Probably too young. Potentially stupid question alert: so what, exactly, is the deal with Chianti? I know its image suffered tremendously because of those funny straw-covered flagon thingies; perhaps its name is still associated with fava beans and cannibalism. But I guess I just kind of think of them as decent, serviceable wines with a good bit of acidity. Is that about right? Or still unjustly maligned?
I'd already clicked on that via your Facebook feed; made a mental note to try making it--maybe for New Year's.But in any case, MORE CLICKS MORE $
Hopefully I got at least some bonus points for being Asian but not taking any photos of the food.
Checked out a newish French place in town. Had lamb pot-au-feu (with tongue and sweetbreads) and boeuf bourguignon. All straightforward and tasty. The chef made the rounds to say hello. I half-jokingly requested that he put hare a la royale on the menu for the holidays. He said he'd tried serving it as his other (smaller) restaurant for a group of local "foodies" (he said it with the proper balance of bemusement and scorn) and they'd hated it and only a few of his...
"TK shared the recipe with me!" = "I Googled 'Thomas Keller sunchoke soup recipe.'"
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