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If Boy George is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Drinking a surprisingly cheap glass of Heidsieck champagne at Oriel inside termina 3 of LHR. Went to the Bar Americain at the Savoy last night. The cocktails weren't perfect (their current variation on an aviation seemed to me to be inferior to an actual aviation). But it's worth it to sit in a near parody of civility. Especially when your friend pays for all the drinks with her hubby's credit card.
Just got into London yesterday. Seems like in the last few years the city has been inundated with burger places and taco joints. WTF--I just left L.A. (and had an In-n-Out burger by the airport). Just make me some fish pie and bangers and bubble and squeak and some such shit.
So you observed the entirely mundane actions of a high school-aged girl, transcribed your observations on an online forum ostensibly devoted to men's clothing, and she's the one displaying problematic behavior.
Correct. This is why people often refer to you as a 'jagoff'--you're rather diminutive, even for auto-erotic purposes.
On a related note, I hate it when I'm honing my sick abacus skillz at a coffee shop or a Pep Boys waiting lounge or something and some jagoff shows up with his stupid calculator
Dude's a millionaire. I'm sure he could custom build a kryptonite pulverizing cloud machine as well as a kryptonite pebble shotgun. Jesus--what is this, ComicConForum?
Late to the party, but just got to this episode and loved it. OTOH, couldn't finish the n/naka episode--it was too stomach-churning a reminder for me of how shitty it is to be Asian.
go on ebaybuy kryptonite/fin
If I were you, I'd loathe myself regardless of my latest meal. So don't sweat it too much.
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