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Hmm. Next time I'm at Momofuku I'll try some ham. David Chang seems to have a huge ham fetish. The last time I tried one of those Benton's hams at a restaurant it was unbearably salty.
don't flatter yourself
I'm actually trying to understand the kind of mindset that Markokartfever inhabits. It seems to me to amount to: - a posture of skepticism that somehow doesn't lead to any inquiry about evidence (there's actually a kind of epistemological despair at the root of all this) - so that skepticism is applied selectively, grounded in knee-jerk resentment and suspicion. (Hey, the upshot of this Russian propaganda thing is that Trump voters are stupid! therefore it is invalid or...
Leviticus 11:7 Even if we ignore YHWH, ham is still not better than turkey. Ham is too salty to eat in any reasonable quantity.
Luke 4:23
Proverbs 11:12
Revelation 10:9
Proverbs 3:12
Revelation 19:10
hey it's called the Chink store get with the times
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