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Meh you're a dirty furreigner by this point
^ agree about the Bernie part (with the caveat that he does couch it as international labor--ie Chinamen Chinamen and not Chinese Americans) and it does unnerve me
America's cultural identity has always been in flux, largely because of immigration (whether uninvited arrival and encroachment or enforced shipment of slaves or legal/quasi-legal/illegal immigration). The entire appeal to preserve something as it if it has been or is relatively pure is disingenuous.
To respond to wojt's "How is it racism" question and, partly, Piob's more interesting question (in bullet points as an attempt to cut down on the soliloquizing that shah mentions): - nobody's even mentioned the stupidity of describing "Latin America" (read: most likely all of Central and South America) as if it's all politically and economically the same down there (read: shitty). So that's gotta be the lowest form of racism--i.e., sweeping a population with a broad...
Okay, now I feel aggrieved--not over racism but over intellectual dishonesty. Just take a look at the fucking horseshit maneuever munchausen attempts: I'm going to say something sweeping and imbecilic about history! But when confronted with at least an attempt to talk facts and realities, I'm going to say, "Hurr hurr I don't want a history paper you never say nuthin'." So actual content is dismissed; the only thing that counts might be grunting assents to some moronic...
Okay, last comment for now since I want to get back to real work instead of replying to inanity. That glide into "European forebears" makes it clear what you're after: not English nationalism (which would be a rather odd way to be an American jingoist) but just, uhh, Europeanness as great and superior. (See what I did there--I was being diplomatic.) And you think that "Latin American developed into Latin America" is a meaningful statement rather than an utterly stupid...
LOL look at that quick glide from "English" to "European forebears."
PS - We have a Constitution. That's pretty different from England. I mean, unless you were making a brilliant argument that the American colonists had remembered the briefly lived Instrument of Government of 1653 and were thus really acting very English! Which argument you probably weren't making because you weren't really saying anything at all aside from "I don't like immigrants" and then accusing me of not saying anything.
Okay, then, here's something: Yes, the English colonists in America wanted to take part in the vision of importing a homeland to a new place. This is an imperial vision partly informed by a Virgilian narrative but also filtered, of course, through a biblical/typological view. And, at the more practical level, sure English settlers brought with them a range of English political & cultural habits. But in the very place called New England, the settlers were mostly trying...
Wow, this is really a concentrated, pure, distilled form of stupidity. Frankly, I'm impressed.
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