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Magpies was disappointing. Girlfriend got the honey yuzu (a little mild on the yuzu flavor), which was better than my strawberry rhubarb (mostly just acidic). We agreed that we both preferred something cheap like the cones at Chik-fil-A. The only consolation was standing in line in front of a B list celebrity.
There was a deep streak of melancholy in the biopic about him. RIP
I think that'd be fine.My original improper example would be fine if the use of the word "is" (in "Pork roll is Philly") were literally true rather than meaning something like "Pork roll exemplifies something about Philly." I guess your example skirts around that by applying the phrase "[a]nything Philly," which is shorthand for "anything that comes from Philly in such a way that it captures something essential about that city." [[SPOILER]]
proper syllogism: pork roll is (in spirit if not in fact) from philly all things from philly are vile pork roll is vile improper but superior syllogism: pork roll is philly pork roll is vile and only barely tolerable when drunk philly is vile and only barely tolerable when drunk disclaimer: i have never had alimentary relations with that pork roll
make sure to collect the vig
To be fair, my work has been much more focused on one of those other famous dead white assholes, but Shakespeare pays the bills.The bigger point: my first gig was at a university system that had gone through a disastrous experiment with an open-admissions policy. Obviously, there's a balance of keeping academic standards up and promoting social good by allowing underrepresented students to get a shot at educational & career advancement. The foment in the late 60s that you...
The Travails of Medwed: A Serial Picaresque Chapter 1, in which our protagonist insists that the United States should have presidential term limits! and is promptly reminded of the 22nd Amendment Chapter 2, in which our undeterred protagonist decries how flag burning is illegal in the United States! and is promptly reminded of Texas v. Johnson (1989) Chapter 3, in which our undaunted protagonist insists that an obscure interlocutor look up what narrative means! and is...
^ weird. I figured that map from the Evening Standard was finessed to be oversimplified somehow. But also weird that the WP map couldn't be bothered to do N. Ireland properly.
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