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soccarat money-shot plz
Iunno, sounds like the start of a rockin' good party to me
ahh, when the most popular sporting event in the world turns into the tensest game of rock, paper, scissors on earth EDIT: !@)$9!@*$)!(@*!)@(%*!@%
we need b1os to get in here and point out that this is a bad, sloppy match and we shouldn't be entertained
Usually happens when it's just me (or just me + my girlfriend). Don't spend much at all, really--two or three drinks at a time. I do like chatting with bartenders/servers here and there without trying to be too obtrusive, so maybe that works in my favor
Returning to the topic of free drinks: I've noticed lately that when I visit NYC and go to restaurants and bars, I'm comped a drink or two with surprising frequency. Much more frequently than happens in Philly (especially since I've abandoned my primary watering hole of several years). Another reason I tend to think NYC is way friendlier than people generally think it is.
Hmm I want something for free. Time to try shoplifting. Might have to call you later for help, drunkfalcon
Gonna head to a bar to watch the Korea - Belgium game. Will need some beer to wash down the nearly inevitable defeat / exit from the tourney.
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