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so really the Maybach of menswear with a deceptively humble tag?
Lovely day for a jog. Until I tripped, fell on my face, broke my glasses, bloodied up my cheek and my knees, and had to walk back looking like a zombie.
You could've just been a pal and bought the guy some Metamucil
are you traveling to NYC all the way from the 1970s?
fuck that--i want to throw a gala. for the erictheobscure save the humanities fund (erictheobscure CEO and CFO)
^ whatevs. pB is out there chugging martinis, eating caviar, and flirting with his boss's hot wife. maybe all the galas that you go to are shitty. could be worse though--i never go to any galas, shitty or caviarmilftastic.
lol now we know that piob just goes to shitty galas
My girlfriend bought this for me a while back as a treat for getting tenure. Opened it at dinner tonight. Apparently, it's a very rare indigenous Spanish varietal. Round fruit up front but also really tannic. Not sure I'd buy it again for the price but it was tasty and I'm glad I got to try it.
Holy fuck, so sorry hopkins_student. Sorry and angry.
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