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You probably shouldn't ever watch that movie unless it's been edited to make it suitable for small children. Some of its strong PG-13 language might upset your delicate sensibilities.
Reggs, are you under the age of fifteen or are you a grown-up imbecile?
I wish I had been born ca. 1968 in Manchester
That would induce wine-malaise in me as well
EtO is trying to take a break from EtOH after he had too many drinks for his birthday, but the girlfriend keeps asking if she should open some wine.
1 Corinthians 13:13, New American Capitalist/LIbertarian Bible
Let the record state: Find Finn is joking / not joking that the civilizing force of Scandinavian socialism has dulled the Nordic spirit of rapine & violence, and he regrets this. I'm assuming he typed this with one hand while wanking off with the other to a Wagner soundtrack.
Heading out to my birthday (#37) dinner. [[SPOILER]]
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