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but hey maybe you're right. it's not like putin's been actively annexing territory with military force. and it's not like we just elected a president who at times during the election either didn't know about this or pretended not to know. maybe i'm overreacting. i bet putin doesn't care about this election at all. and he probably thinks nato is swell.
is wojt's stupidity fucking contagious?
yeah nobody's claimed that he's a fucking double agent or some shit. just that putin is obviously really engaged with this election and has even actively meddled in it because he thinks his interests are advanced by trump.
there's the piob we all know
your entire response to this article boils down to: she lumps in poland with other examples! poland is not as bad as those other examples! she is stupidhead! i don't even give a shit about arguing whether your leaders are as shitty as erdogan or duterte. she rattles off a bunch of examples of surging "illiberal populist movements," sure. if you're so fucking insulted about poland, maybe you can e-mail her and ask her for an apology. she didn't even cite them as equivalents...
weren't you just mewling about how you wish people would just politely disagree with you instead of recognizing you as the imbecile you areyour confidence in your own intellectual scope is pretty fucking absurd. i mean, not just because you're just some dope you recently went back to school to finish an undergraduate degree in nuclear waste management or whatever. you're actually documented here as spouting off illogical stupid bullshit all the fucking time.
TFW you're lowballing on Priceline and end up with the Holiday Inn
Secretary of Education, duh
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