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I can't get drunk if I'm always already drunk. [[SPOILER]]
drunken shoecircle next summer
Just for the summer
where 2 kop never mind--I live in PA and will never have access to this wine
oh we got together good all right
asianslashasianslashwhiteslashasian shoe circle I'm the one rockin $15 canvas shoes fuck y'all
I used to like Philly before I moved there. It takes a while to feel the city's affective core of resentment and anger over its own relative mediocrity. After a while that's mostly what you notice about the place. I do ham it up though--my day to day life is fine
What are you wankers always moaning about? Feels like paradise out here, just like it felt the last time I visited from Phillyhell
Just FYI
In between very affordable and super expensive, I really like Kiriko.
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