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Vichy Catalan is my favorite sparkling water. Am sure greenfrog would hate it since it doesn't taste like a children's beverage
#whenlifegivesyouchevalmort #chevalĂ laroyale
#stopbeating #deadhorse
Well, here's an example of classic mensewear:
^ I'd accuse you of being excessively testy but we all know of your deficiencies in that department.
I'm totally over pooh-poohing elitism.
This is an argument by declaration couched in an appeal to different perspectives (sports fans vs. non-sports fans). I could play this game, too, of course: as a (casual) sports fan and a (professional) academic, I could just say that absolutely big-time athletics undermines academic values. But that would spiral us straight into bullshit CE territory. Also, you keep using the word "unsavory," as if my critique boils down to some vague and banal question of personal taste....
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