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Soft shell crab banh mi at some new place in Culver City. Wings and fries at bar trivia night. A Randy's donut during drive back to hotel. Doritos Locos tacos at hotel. Shameful night.
^ by yourself? (no judgment--just curious)
Ballast Point Sculpin on draft at foodguy recommended Long Beach Mexican resto
All this suggests (other than the fact that you might just not like tequila) is that there are categories of drink (and other things) which are satisfying even at the cheap end. It'd be nice if everything worked like this, but tequila doesn't belong in this category unless you're sixteen or a fratboy. That doesn't mean it's bad.In any case, I think I shall have a margarita tonight.
I'm not sure why the Seinfeld photo appears here other than to illustrate the principle of serendipity:
Landed @ LAX. First stop: Sepulveda In-n-Out
^ Princeton is godawful when it comes to happily oblivious slow-moving pedestrians.
Had a couple of Americano cocktails last night. Can't believe I hadn't ever tried one before. Really, really refreshing--I think I'll be enjoying more of them this summer.
This post effectively preempts the snide remarks that it invites.
I saw that episode. I never had to go through that punishment (although I endured other forms). The claims about Korean dysfuntion were overhyped but with more than a grain of truth.
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