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Might have to try out his Mexique place when I'm in Chicago in January.
taken from an Olive Garden youtube ad:
Completely and totally outside my area of expertise. Also, I had nothing insightful to say.So, of course, yes.
That being said, I'm totally rooting for Carlos Gaytan. Dude is cool and there's just no denying the mind-blowing deliciousness of real Mexican food.
A fairly serious publication contacted me for a blurb about North Korea's official statement re: executing a top government official / Kim Jong Un's uncle. LOL
Facebook friend posted a status update scoffing at a NY Times article mentioning that someone had gone shopping for candles and ended up spending $900. This gem surfaced in the comments: "But the candles were shaped like Napoleon!"
What I think makes this season remarkable (if not absolutely unique): the people remaining are so likable. They've booted off all the annoying people. Travis was okay--if he was annoying at times, it's only because he's so young. Was actually sad that he got sent home. And Justin has proven surprisingly surly when he seemed like a cool dude at the beginning of the season. But otherwise, I'm kind of rooting for everyone. No Hoseas this season.
http://www.phillymag.com/foobooz/2013/12/02/eataly-coming-philadelphia/ I'll be able to peruse and not buy overpriced gourmet items in Philly! And I mean not just at Di Bruno Bros!
I shall be in Cali wine country as well. Helping out at my parents' plus-sized women's clothing store in a failing suburban/rural shopping mall
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