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FWIW, Wine Library (winelibrary.com) is one of the stores that happily ships to PA. Generally takes a day or two for a shipment to get to me in Philly.
no that's what you do. the rest of us find an anglican church that's open
do you by any chance live near koreans who are celebrating? if so your dog's fear seems reasonable
asked for $$$ instead and they said it doesn't work that way when they switch to a smaller aircraft (had already looked it up and that's true)btw i was being sarcastic. i'm being treated like shitotoh i made sure to ask, "is this transferable? can i sell it?" and the more seasoned staff member said yes. she looked like she respected me more for asking
Oh hell yes they hooked me up w/ a $300 voucher and a room at the Sheraton and breakfastBeing treated like a prince--like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America [[SPOILER]]
lol usairways bumped me + 20+ people overnight to switch to smaller plane nye by myself at airport sheraton fuck you 2014
way worse dude--that jalapeno will F you up
12/31/2014, 8:50 p.m. EST:
It could be worse. You could (just hypothetically) be flying across the country on NYE to visit your parents (with no dinner reservations at the other end, obv), at which point your dad will want to go to the Indian casino and your mom might also want to go but will use it as an excuse to pick a fight with your dad--which fight will intensify if (or when, more precisely) one or both lose money.Hypothetically.
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