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12/31/2014, 8:50 p.m. EST:
It could be worse. You could (just hypothetically) be flying across the country on NYE to visit your parents (with no dinner reservations at the other end, obv), at which point your dad will want to go to the Indian casino and your mom might also want to go but will use it as an excuse to pick a fight with your dad--which fight will intensify if (or when, more precisely) one or both lose money.Hypothetically.
Vichy Catalan is my favorite sparkling water. Am sure greenfrog would hate it since it doesn't taste like a children's beverage
#whenlifegivesyouchevalmort #chevalàlaroyale
#stopbeating #deadhorse
Well, here's an example of classic mensewear:
^ I'd accuse you of being excessively testy but we all know of your deficiencies in that department.
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