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I consider myself an adventurous eater and I think the rationale for eating bugs is sound (and I hope it catches on in the U.S.). But I have a real aversion to anything that resembles mealworms. Not sure I could bring myself to try the maguey worm tacos.
thx bro
I hadn't realized you're a Jersey gigolo. All that sailing nonsense makes more sense now.
Had plans to go out to dinner with a really cool coworker and her husband. My girlfriend texted to say that she had hopped on the train from Princeton to get to Philly. And then my coworker texted because her kid is sick and can't go to daycare. No dinner. Then my girlfriend texts: the train was delayed so she missed her cross-over at Trenton. Now she's (understandably) pissed that she's going to spend three or four hours traveling fifty miles to come to a dinner that's...
Can you explain WTF is going on here? As far as I can tell, you went to a sit-down restaurant and got punked into ordering mealworm tacos. You were so grossed out you could only eat the guacamole off the top with your fork. And then they replaced your mealworm tacos with anchovy tacos, but they made you keep your dirty fork.
Checked out a new Mexican place in town last night and it was disappointing. Tried to redeem the experience today by getting take-out tacos from a different new place. Got home, started eating, and found a hair. Hair that's distinctly not from someone's head. Fucking Philly.
It refers to wines that make you hiccup. It's an onomatopoeic term.
oh please please please [[SPOILER]]
I don't mind Downtown at all and have stayed there on multiple occasions. That being said, I guess I'd prefer being on the Westside or near the beach this trip.
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