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pssst, the proper, clincal term that grown-ups use is labia
Ahh, the stench of white geezer condescension. Let's translate: "They sound like just the right kind of immigrants! I approve of them already! Why are you uppity unlike I imagine them to be--you know, docile and such!" My parents don't need your approval or respect. And I happen to get along with them very well.And what's up with the facile "knowing absolutely everything" tag? That's the smartest insult you could come up with? I don't need to know everything--I readily and...
As the son of hard-working Korean store owners: stop using your fake concern for us as props for your racism.
Strong men also cry. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-36984311
well think how scared i am now with the kind of ring i wear
Time to visit a public house and wait for a fellow to exhibit sadness upon having been rejected by someone he had accosted as a potential paramour. You can console this fellow but then after he leaves celebrate your good fortune with a glass of Byrrh. This is how you become the Mathis of erotic relations.
You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways.
oh maybe it's because i didn't get the kind of ring worn on a finger
Hmm. Pretty hard to answer. Practically, it's the same. Affectively, it's partly the same (we were together before--actually, for a good long time--and we're still together) and partly different (we made some sort of public declaration that we'd stay together, and even though any sane person recognizes that those public declarations often don't pan out and aren't fully binding, there's still some sort of added external mandate that we stay together). My dad seems to want...
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