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I've actually never seen a single episode of that show.
maybe we made fun of his little pickle one too many times
That's actually not a cheesesteak--that's a visual manifestation of his intellectual being.
^ been having the same problem, but only on Chrome and not when I switch over to Safari
to be fair, the only thing propping up his fragile gender identity is his subpar education
Jokes aside: you gotta clear your schedule to go to a wine tasting with Kermit Lynch. I mean, unless a thousand people are going to be there or something.
Whoa, that's pretty cool. What are you going to wear to the tasting? Isn't it still really hot where you live? Maybe you could wear a sleeveless shirt. [[SPOILER]]
Let this be a lesson. Never underestimate GreenFrog's vacuousness.
my work here is done
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