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Labor Day = the first day of the semester for me. Hoping my bright pants conceal my grumpiness and malaise. Apologies for the terrible office laptop photos.
Just discovered the most effective hangover cure possible. Ordered takeout and a thunderstorm started five minutes afterwards. Decided to brave it and picked up my food. On my way home, a lightning bolt hit a chimney about seventy-five feet away. The noise and light were incredible, and bricks were flung into the street. All malaise instantly evaporated, giving way to bewildered excitement. The tacos weren't great, though.
Yeah, I'm sure it was moths. I picked off a few larvae off of my clothes and there was a stray moth or two flying around.
Last summer, moths (moth larvae, to be exact, I suppose) ate my woolen clothes. So I cleaned out my closet thoroughly and moved my remaining woolen clothes to a different closet that gets more sunlight (since I read that moths don't like a lot of sunlight). This summer, moths ate more of my woolen clothes.
Well, it sounds like you do deserve a kick in the ass.
this is what happens when drunkards converse
Now we're all confused! I'd assumed you'd confused Broker's with Booker's; hadn't even thought of Boodles' (which I've never tried). FWIW, Broker's is one of my favorite gins--although I generally only drink it in G&Ts and am unsure how it performs in cocktails.
Was surprised and excited to see Blind Pig on draft at a bar, but it confirmed that, despite my efforts, I'm just not an IPA guy.
Fall 2014 Americanizing Poetry, with ProfessorG To Autumn Fall Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness yellow Budweisers, Close bosom-friend of Best bros (no homo--okay, maybe a little) with the maturing sun
Yes, but special exemptions are made for minors who take a strict oath to dress exclusively in men's period costumes from ca. 1920 - 1940.
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