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small-timer Thanksgiving lineup at the obscure residence: Some rosé champagne that I picked up for super cheap at Astor Wine--R. H. Coutier. Turned out to be perfectly nice and great with lobster lunch. For dinner, 2011 Terrebrune Bandol. I knew it was too young so I decanted for hours. Was still a bit like licking a wool sweater.
Oh I've tried a Caesar. Once.
Clam juice. Fucking clam juice. Clam juice inside your cocktail. Clam fucking juice. Like the juices of a clam. But not even the liquid from a fresh steamed clam. Bottled clamato. Bottled clam water. In your alcoholic beverage. When has an alcoholic beverage ever been improved by the addition of the industrial runoff water from seafood? Hey, this beer is good--let's add some of the water from this bottle of gefilte fish. Hey, this champagne is delicious, but it could...
well you're not supposed to pour the pie filling into the crust and then put the whole thing into a cold oven and then warm up the oven
TFW you're holding the oven door open so that your wife (who doesn't do a whole lot of cooking) can pour the pumpkin pie filling mixture into the crust and then halfway through the pour she declares, "Oh, I've spilled a little," and saunters off to dab things with a paper towel WHILE IN THE MEANTIME THE OVEN IS FUCKING COOKING YOUR FACE and then afterwards you look as red as a lobster. Speaking of which, at least I have a fucking lobster to cook and eat. Right after I...
i will never understand the appeal of the caesar
he'd already been kind of a life hero for me but i still had had no idea about the music stuff
i like how the movie plays it all cool by casually bringing up at the end how [[SPOILER]]
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