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Enjoyed poking around the blog. You should revive/update it!
As a poor immigrant boy, I couldn't help but be pretty aggrieved by this.
Yes, I have no doubt that the North crafted various narratives about the Civil War--its motivations, what the outcome meant, etc. That's what happens in war (the application of a social-science term doesn't really add much to that basic and familiar knowledge). I'm also sure that any assumptions that the North fought the Civil War for reasons that align with 20th or 21st-century views of racial equality are naive. So congrats! Your view is smarter than someone with a...
Or, why can't we just say that--as in a lot of cases--there's a dynamic (and, in the real-time moment, often unpredictable) interplay between moral/ethical values and demographic/practical realities? You don't have to straw-man a belief in the importance of ethical imperatives (e.g., abolitionism, with the sleight-of-hand shift into "equality" propping up the straw-man argument) as if that kind of belief is blithely unaware of and divorced from practical politics. All this...
Have you just reached some new plateau of zen minimalism?
Never did manage to get into an Ivy--at any stage of the academic game (undergrad, grad, assistant professor). My girlfriend teaches at one now (albeit in a less glamorous non-tenure-track faculty level). I guess if I partially regret anything, it's that I wasn't exposed to the full possibilities of wealth/power early on. It just wasn't in my realm of possibility that I could become a mega millionaire or a billionaire. Given my particular proclivities at a young age...
But could we also imagine a language in which a person could write down or give vocal expression to his inner experiences--his feelings, moods, and the rest--for his private use?--Well, can't we do so in our ordinary language?--But that is not what I mean. The individual words of this language are to refer to what can only be known to the person speaking; to his immediate private sensations. So another person cannot understand the language.--Wittgenstein, Philosophical...
At the end of a muggy, ninety-degree day, I'm drinking some Txakolina.
^^^ uhh, is that one of your kiddie porn defendant clients?
The Earl of Rochester claimed that he had been constantly drunk for five years. Then again, he died of syphilis in his early thirties.
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