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no no no get it straight--it always ends with beer AND bjs
As a drinker, when I wake up in the morning I feel bad for myself. Just kidding--I don't wake up before noon when I'm on sabbatical.
^ huh, my girlfriend and I really disliked the steak there. (Well, she hated it a lot more than I did.) I guess the sous vide life just isn't for us. Also, doesn't it taste like they put a tiny bit of sugar on their fries? Something really weirded me out about the seasoning.
I had heard about Trois Familia and dismissed it. Was almost swayed by your recommendation and their menu. Until I got to the $7 horchata. Ludo can suck it if he thinks I'm shelling out $7 for a horchata (and I love horchata).Echo Park looks like that now? $wank. I only have vague memories of walking around there as a kid and it smelling like rot.
I know where Harold falcon lives. He lives in North Philly, on the corner of Diamond and 30th. You should go meet him there--you can fight right on the block and nobody will mind.
glad you've recovered from that level of trauma
Beach bro, I grew up in the Valley. As long as the temperature stays under 110 I'm good.
hey man I'm young in wine port years
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