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^ dude, you're in Barcelona. You should be drinking disgusting Moritz or Estrella like everyone else. Life is good enough there that you don't have to mask the misery of existence with fancy beers
Steak and Barolo for me too. Except my Barolo was made in the MAN ZONE. [[SPOILER]]
^ v. envious
Ok, so now I really want an SF meetup/drinking competition to happen. I wouldn't win and I might very well end up in the hospital, but I'd still be happy to participate.
^ wow, that image brings back memories. Mostly of those goofy TV commercials featuring the two mustachioed dudes.
did you... did you just call me a sissy
Ordered this on a lark. Enjoyed it quite a bit.
Do you... do you, uhh, shit guacamole? [[SPOILER]]
It's easier just to say, "Meh, B minus slash C plus. If you revise your comment I might consider bumping your grade up."People really enjoyed being graded and respond favorably to it.
New Posts  All Forums: