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but GreenFrog is trustworthy
Eh, if that were true, he'd likely had a hotel room for the schtupping and for the junk washing. It's more likely that he became incontinent while camped out in front of a slot machine.
A few years ago, I crashed an academic conference (my girlfriend's subfield, not mine) in Vegas. It was hilarious to see a bunch of academics completely out of place and bewildered inside the scuzzy Flamingo. (I'm kind of a degenerate gambler by birthright so I was perfectly happy pissing away my money and getting shitfaced.) At one point, I ran into someone I knew in grad school--really, really nice, softspoken dude. He had a look of consternation on his face, so I asked...
My high school's mascot was the Highlander. I think we might've actually had a bagpipe player in the marching band. In any case, I heard "Scotland the Brave" being practiced most mornings during gym class. (Also, "Don't Call Me Al"--I have no idea why the marching band director loved that fucking song so much.)
Oh wow like she'd ever say anything about the martinis at Obama Grill such bias hurr hurr
just Googled to find out which school has a bagpipe major huh
hey looks like you're right about thati stand corrected
well he's been caught lying about how he graduated first in his class at wharton so, uhh, no
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