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Long-time lurker here; first time contributing. Apologies for the awful photo quality--felt like wearing a suit to teach today and only have access to my office laptop webcam. And yes, my office rug really is that hideous. I hope my outfit isn't as egregious.
Sheeeeeeeeeit. I'd be able to afford a case of nice wine if I had written one of those.
Got my first ever royalty check from book sales! It's enough to buy one decent bottle of wine.
One assumes that a child will have had some access to a factory and/or representations of what goes on inside a factory. One hopes that a child has had little to no access to the lower intestinal tract.
Awesome--congrats to Mr and MrsG!
Fuck, that's terrible. Sorry to hear that.
no. carpal tunnel
mint juleps are wonderful
Yeah, I'd quickly turn anti-ramen if anyone yelled at me or told me to eat it right away or whatever. None of that happened to me at Ivan. I kind of like that Gotham West Market in general even though it's a pain in the ass to get there.
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