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1) Björk transcends some petty bro-standard of beauty 2) Björk is always in her prime
Santa showed up in Philly! (Hope he makes it out unmolested.) Light-up beanie plus mystery box! Inside the box: BOURBON. If my cold doesn't go away hot toddies will kill it! Cheers and thanks!
Just when I'm about to be done with my grading for the semester before the holidays, I come down with a cold
Wait, that's not even how probabilities work. (I.e., a 10% chance of something happen =! if we ran that thing ten times that something "would be expected" to happen once.In any case, it's hard to know how the practical usefulness of that percent chance changes with narrower intervals. "There's a one in five chance it will rain today" is useful. "There's a one in five chance it'll rain in the morning but a one in three chance it'll rain in the afternoon" is even more...
I never understood the percentage chance of precipitation. It would make some sense if it were an estimate of the chances it would rain on that day. But that's clearly not the case. Is it the odds it'll rain during a particular one-hour stretch? Some shorter stretch of time?
I've tried dabbling in Greek wines--mostly red. I usually can't pronounce the varietal names (Agiorgitikitikotitkaotgio) or the places of origin (often I'm not even 100% sure which is which) and it's surprising how much of a crapshoot it is. But sometimes you can score something really quite good for $20.
but GreenFrog is trustworthy
Eh, if that were true, he'd likely had a hotel room for the schtupping and for the junk washing. It's more likely that he became incontinent while camped out in front of a slot machine.
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