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from my admittedly limited experience, I have to agree with edmorel that steak cooked sous vide has an unpleasant texture
if you have 20 pappys it just means yo mama really got around
What I have to mutter to myself as I read through this thread: Thrift Vader, VaderDave. One's an alcoholic; the other's Mormon. Thrift Vader, VaderDave. One's an alcoholic; the other's Mormon.
"Nurses just like to bitch." - guy who whines like a brat every time he has to attend a catered charity event
I'm both surprised and disappointed that you would take part in this kind of whitewashing. I'm sure you're fully aware that the term in question is not "Whatchamacallit" but "What Chuma Call It," referring to the Chuma people, who were renowned both for their impeccable memories and for their nearly Adamic ability to find the appropriate, non-arbitrary signifiers for all manner of referents. Using the term "whatchamacallit" is an act of lexical genocide.
There was a two star BYOB in Chicago?
not sure if people are remembering how that movie actually ended
probably how many individual users have given you a thumbs up--so that your reputation isn't artificially inflated by one fanboy or whatever just my guess
look at this fucking 1%er over here
I don't know if they still have it, but the lunch special at Estiatorio Milos was a rockin' good deal.
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