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one day he will be as fat as piob
lol my car is worth about $500
Tried my first De La Louisiane cocktail (courtesy of the bartender at a local joint). What a perfectly balanced, delicious drink.
Driving home from a pleasantly perfect day and my hoopty's "check engine light" comes on. Off to the shop tomorrow
I'm waiting to open a 2009 bottle of the Taurasi some time this week.
^ Good? I'm assuming it's good because I really love Stillwater.
I guess, ultimately, what I find so loathsome about the publication is that its sole mission is to turn something I already love and would gladly purchase as a commodity until I die/liver blows out into a fetishized commodity. The cyclical attempt to keep the discourse going to keep the business going is rather tiresome--if I wanted that, I'd go back to my day job instead of reading a magazine.
Token far left winger chiming in here. What does this even mean? Is it that hard for you to understand that some people dislike Ted Cruz because his political/ethical values are inimical to their own? I don't think of politics as a kind of disingenuous game where I'm disguising my secret ruse and fearful of people who can "play" on my terms. I believe certain things are right and good; Ted Cruz seems to believe very different things.If you're looking for something above...
New Posts  All Forums: