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My cursive is pretty on point. Thanks, family-run evangelical parochial elementary school!
Huh? b10s, CG, and others have long talked about Spanish wines here.
They're not really hippies. More like really, really overworked nerds. Resulting hygiene pretty similar, though, I guess.
I've never tried the '04 Bosconia. I've had the '02 and really liked it even though that was apparently an awful vintage for Rioja.
Lots of students in my classes often show up sick (hacking and blowing their noses), but the weird thing is that they often just kind of remain sick for weeks on end. Grosses me out to no end since I'm a germaphobe.
Whoa, I just got this e-mail from a wine bar. I might have to go check this out--maybe once in a while, Philly doesn't suck.
If it makes you New Yorkers feel any better, Philly is planning to tow cars parked on major streets in most of Center City in anticipation of the Pope's visit. Starting on some sort of rolling basis based on randomly demarcated zone. They're offering parking permits to residents in something like six or seven lots, which can probably accommodate 10% of the displaced cars. Oh, and cars that leave Center City can't return for several days. It's a fucking shitshow.
I know there was some talk about wtso.com here recently. Just picked up three bottles of this 2008 Barolo for cheap (right under $30). Don't know much about the producer but seems like a good deal.
Hmm, I tried the Àn once but it must've been an earlier vintage. Don't remember too much about it, unfortunately.
oh jesus asbergers christ
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