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Am planning on going out to dinner with some coworkers to celebrate getting tenure. Since our group's on the big side, there aren't that many decent restaurants in town that can accommodate us on short notice. Check out the abominable wine list at this place: PA monopoly + Stephen Starr = 5x retail nightmare. Might call up some BYOBs that aren't on Opentable.
what acute style needs: step up his dog matching game gingham print pit bull
I guess our big board meeting was this morning.
I didn't get myself fired.
Was out at a bar with coworkers. Pretty serious beer list-- de la Senne's Jambe de Bois and Pliny the Elder for me
^ biscotti's freshly shaved ass?
just cheat. chances you'll get caught are really low. ianal
If they're still there next time I make it to NYC, sure
The NV Salon is the "Cuvee S" or whatever--has a big "S" on the front. I used to see it around in the PA wine stores for about $260 or so. It is slim pickings here, of course, but I'm also more than willing to hold off on the real celebration until I can go to New York and choose more carefully. Have always wanted to try Egly-Ouriet; I know Crush was advertising their selection of Selosse a while back and I'd like to try one of those too (but one of the lower-end bottles...
Lopez de Heredia holds down the fort against modern Spanish winemaking.Off topic: on Saturday, I will get a phone call informing me whether I'll be fired or promoted. If I get to keep my job, I'll need the best champers that a pleb can afford to celebrate. Should I go with NV Salon? Or a vintage champagne in that price range? [[SPOILER]]
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