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Happy hour @ the Central Coast of California: had a glass of perhaps the worst rosé I've ever tasted this side of Sutter Home White Zinfandel. Origin: Paso Robles.
^ of all the things you've admitted about your life on SF, that somehow might be the most shameful
I have a Korean-American Express card, through which I earn free bottles of soju for my purchases.
I'm sure you'll find a way to hand pull your noodle no matter where you live.
K&L two miles away. Am also stoked about trying Night + Market for the first time.
W. Hollywood. Girlfriend will have a rental car but I'm looking forward to putzing around drunk. Might walk over to the Formosa.
Also, I'm a halfhearted Francophile, but if producing singularly beautiful women is the criteria for national greatness, then I'm afraid Italy wins.
Heading to L.A. on Sunday, where I'll camp out for several weeks before and after a UK conference. Will be in walking distance to a lot of places, which will be pretty new for me in L.A.
Very good.
Enjoyed poking around the blog. You should revive/update it!
New Posts  All Forums: