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Medwed, I'm sorry but you've misunderstood what Americans mean when they say "flipping the bird." I'll chalk this one up to your foreign status rather than to your idiocy.
US need changeWomen always scaredCaveman talk fun and easy on small brainPresident need term limit [[SPOILER]]
Suit's charcoal and not black fwiw. Yeah the jacket fit isn't perfect. Will probably head to a tailor soon. But I could also stand to drop ten pounds. I was pretty happy with the trouser length after getting them hemmed--will have to try them on again and see if I was sagging a bit when taking these photos.
Getting married in July so trying out my outfit. Critiques appreciated. (And I'm not a low-level hoarder; in the midst of packing and moving.)
After a strenuous sabbatical, one needs to ease into summer vacation.
Mente malfunction? Erectile dysfunction?
So you want to talk about shitty argumentation?1) Argument by fiat ("Fact is") is shitty. Trump's competence as a businessman is debatable--in part because he has gone to great lengths to conceal exactly how successful or unsuccessful he is.2) The idea that being a good businessman is an advantage when it comes to the presidency isn't an "obvious" fact at all. It's a relatively recent product of late-capitalist ideology where everything reduces to "entrepreneurship." See:...
Sorry, internet genius, but you failed to sign your documents. Deportation for you.
It's not ass-backwards if you take it as a claim about personal merit and skill. (As an immigrant, I'm very American this way in clinging to some desire for meritocracy.) That is, because Trump inherited both money and business practices, he has a higher hurdle to clear. And I think his track record of doing well with the considerable financial/infrastructural assets he inherited is kind of shitty. And hard to ascertain for certain since he obfuscates his wealth. And also...
1) Persuasion should have a logical/rational basis (the logos component in Aristotelian rhetoric). It should go without saying that this basis is important for all sorts of practical and ethical reasons.2) Trump lies at the middle of a crossover. The American right (with its alliance with religious fundamentalism) talks a big game about truth; in the culture wars of the 90s, the right considered (some superficially understood version of) postmodernism as a bogeyman because...
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