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join us for the Chipotle-catered reception
^ I sincerely hope that is Lincandessen crazy talk and not the gospel truth
oooh like a little nosegay to carry around the streets of Philly i like it
I got a free handkerchief for liking a store on Facebook. I was excited until I realized, "Who the hell uses a handkerchief these days?" Even if I weren't a germophobe I'd probably still find the idea of keeping a snotrag in my pocket for re-use fairly disgusting. I guess I could carry it around as an affectation to dab my brow or something.
yes that looks like a super high quality photo that allows you to discern exactly what Prince looked like IRL
Story time: I was in NYC for the weekend and bought this shirt. Due to a miscommunication with the clerk, I thought I was buying a different sleeve length (she grabbed this particular shirt for me after I determined what I size I wanted--she seemed very confident so I didn't look at the label). Didn't realize my mistake until I left NYC and got back home. Since I paid in cash, the exchange/return process seems like a bit of a hassle and I don't plan on being back in NYC in...
Went to Kamakura Shirts earlier today in NYC. Tried on some shirts to find my size. Asked for the color and collar I wanted and the clerk handed it to me. Just realized she handed me the wrong sleeve length and I'm already back in Philly.My bad for not checking but she seemed perfectly confident. Hopefully they'll exchange by mail. [[SPOILER]]
how long is a chinese man
I've been spending too much money lately so I used my norovirus coupon at Chipotle. I should've just mailed the coupon to GreenFrog. Free food isn't worth the feeling of sorrow that this barely passable meal induces. An omelette for dinner would've made me happier.
bruh that other guy is your son
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