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this is what happens when drunkards converse
Now we're all confused! I'd assumed you'd confused Broker's with Booker's; hadn't even thought of Boodles' (which I've never tried). FWIW, Broker's is one of my favorite gins--although I generally only drink it in G&Ts and am unsure how it performs in cocktails.
Was surprised and excited to see Blind Pig on draft at a bar, but it confirmed that, despite my efforts, I'm just not an IPA guy.
Fall 2014 Americanizing Poetry, with ProfessorG To Autumn Fall Seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness yellow Budweisers, Close bosom-friend of Best bros (no homo--okay, maybe a little) with the maturing sun
Yes, but special exemptions are made for minors who take a strict oath to dress exclusively in men's period costumes from ca. 1920 - 1940.
I'm sorry to break it to you, but you're Charlie.
dammit I'm an idiot/drunk. I meant 27 years.
According to this label, I have been aged 29 years.Which is to say: I really like this label.
At first: to reinforce, in anti-postmodern fashion, the distinction between simulacrum and reality. But then mastication reveals that the two are bound up together until they are wholly indistinguishable--not in some sort of dialectical process of refinement but rather in the digestive mess that leads that ice cream to become your body fat and your excrement. The simulacrum/reality distinction ceases to matter before abjection.
New Posts  All Forums: