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Let's just methodically lay out what a disingeuous shitforbrains you are, once again:- your position is that the left deploys excessive accusations of racism- your own rhetoric here suggests that that position is less of a principled one and more of a seat of resentment. You take glee in doing that very thing you take exception to--making something about race/racism- your resentment papers over the actual issue here: Ben Carson is unqualified for this positionSo to sum up:...
This is fucking insane:https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2016/12/04/d-c-police-respond-to-report-of-a-man-with-a-gun-at-comet-ping-pong-restaurant/?utm_term=.20e90f7fbd0c
If you're moving 1,000 miles away, what the fuck do you care? Just say, "No, I would prefer not to."
My gift package is in the mail!
Wheeee! it's like the McLaughlin Group for children and dimwits.
Hey man we have lots of Asian poasters here. Making up fake Ching Chong names is totally not cool. It's 2016 for godsakes
I can only assume that rnoldh's thought process is something like this:Here's a link about how Trump is blithely and stupidly destabilizing the tensest relationship between two nuclear powers in the world. I do agree that Trump is--hey, wait just a minute. That link was posted by one of those liberal academics! Let's keep pointing that out. In fact, if I keep pointing that out in a smarmy, condescending manner, everyone will really see that I'm droll, reasonable, and...
Judging from your other comments, you actually do think that Trump is an "arrogant . . . low information, inappropriate type." But instead of just asserting that sentiment (with which I would agree), you just can't resist expressing your personal resentment toward me. And in that very expression of resentment, you parrot Trump; you've distracted yourself from criticizing Trump (which is important, because what he's doing w/r/t foreign policy is unsettling and possibly...
New Posts  All Forums: