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What kind of school has students vote on their valedictorian? That's some bullshit.
Yeah, that one. I was hoping for a lot more flavor. Maybe if I had started with some of that Korean sparkling water that passes for beer my palate would've been primed.
Had a Saison Brett tonight. The only other time I'd tried it, I had a head cold and couldn't really taste it. I found it a bit disappointing--not a whole lot was going on.
Checked out a place here in L.A. that specializes in cheap steak frites. They sous vide culotte steak. I kinda knew what I was getting into and thought it was okay in a "I'll never go back there but I'm not terribly mad I tried it" kind of way. My girlfriend, on the other hand, was aggrieved. She ranted for the next hour about how steak shouldn't ever be cooked sous vide. Strolled by Petit Trois to see if we could grab cocktails and dessert but of course there was an...
Perhaps a Rochefort 10 instead?
Iunno man, that story seems pretty legit to me.
Huh, this photo brings back blurry memories of a night a few years ago when my friend and I went drinking all over L.A. and ended up at Tiki Ti. I think I sat next to and talked to a guy who looked like Marilyn Manson and worked in some sort of technical/digital function in entertainment. He smelled awful but was pretty chill.I then proceeded to eat two Fatburgers down the street.
Am in L.A. for a bit longer so I might be able to snag a bottle to try!
I like Society Hill
where 2 kop
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