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i too resort to inducing diarrhea when i need to lose some weight quickly
whaWhoa, you work out disputes by sharing potentially deadly blowfish? That's weird
one day he will be as fat as piob
lol my car is worth about $500
Tried my first De La Louisiane cocktail (courtesy of the bartender at a local joint). What a perfectly balanced, delicious drink.
Driving home from a pleasantly perfect day and my hoopty's "check engine light" comes on. Off to the shop tomorrow
I'm waiting to open a 2009 bottle of the Taurasi some time this week.
^ Good? I'm assuming it's good because I really love Stillwater.
I guess, ultimately, what I find so loathsome about the publication is that its sole mission is to turn something I already love and would gladly purchase as a commodity until I die/liver blows out into a fetishized commodity. The cyclical attempt to keep the discourse going to keep the business going is rather tiresome--if I wanted that, I'd go back to my day job instead of reading a magazine.
New Posts  All Forums: