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Holy shit, that's terrible--very sorry to hear it.
jesus christ "pre-shave aioli" is one of the most unexpectedly nausea-inducing phrases i've encountered thx l'incandelicatessen
Tiki TiGreenblatt's--which has a wine store and also serves good wine
Tonight I walked 7.2 miles down Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, starting in Echo Park, stopping at L.A.'s finest tiki bar, and eventually arriving at my favorite Jewish deli. After a meal of my favorite sandwich, noodle kugel (not good), Duvel, and an Ojai pinot noir, I met up at a local douche-and-amazingly-good-looking-women scene (Laurel Hardware) for my friend's birthday. After hanging out at that douche-and-amazingly-good-looking-women scene (and at one point chatting...
Are you really this obtuse? It's not just that black people were legally segregated until the mid-twentieth century, as Gibonius points out. But also, as a result of American history leading up to that moment (and afterwards, really, since desegregation was a shitshow that revealed how must a lot of people loved their racism), black Americans were denied massive amounts of familial, intergenerational wealth accumulation. And not just literal wealth, but also cultural...
pussy cow
tfw you find your wedding band
^ +1 hadn't seen the bad news until just now
After a summer of relative gluttony, I can only conclude that Fishing With Dynamite is my hands-down favorite restaurant in L.A. right now.
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