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I think you took more effort writing this up than Beck put into making those beers.
Been alive since 1979 . . . haven't gotten much accomplished
Stop handing out high compliments to the undeserving.
best. thing. ever. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/03/17/american-professor-arrested-following-mid-flight-foreign-policy-rant/
You think you had a perfectly nice weekend in New York (including a few drinks with gomestar) and then you look at foodguy's status updates from his weekend in New York and you realize that your weekend fucking sucked in comparison (no offense to gome).
Like it here so much we're staying an extra night. If anyone's doing any midday drinking tomorrow, drop me a PM. (Girlfriend needs to get some work done so I'll be putzing around on my own for a few hours.)
This room at the Andaz down on Wall Street might be the sweetest cheap Hotwire room I've ever gotten in NYC. Definitely worth being in this social wasteland.
is it really such a good idea for a shaved-headed white dude to yell out "kkk"--once, twice, or however many times?
hmm good question off the topic of my head: achieve professional success in the country i grew up in instead of having to move to the other side of the planet to scrape by on whatever niche status i might find abroad
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