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Hey, I have a question while we're on the topic of jumpsuits. I've never worn one but I've wondered: what happens when you have an errant boner while wearing one? You don't even have the constriction/separation of a waistband to mitigate the visual effects. Inquiring minds want to know.
Even earlier:
As someone who is applying to grad school, you should stop using dangling modifiers.
You should read or re-read some Shakespeare plays. Most of them are elaborate cuck memes
the non-logic of being surprised by trends is probably the flip-side of trends popping up
In these divisive times, I am delighted to find the grounds for bipartisan agreement
That maniac peeled off my skin with pliers but I still refused to tell him my password. [[SPOILER]]
5 letters + 5 letters 55 oh no the evil is spreading
1) Björk transcends some petty bro-standard of beauty 2) Björk is always in her prime
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