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Drinking a relatively cheap ($17 or so) sparking vin de Savoie. It's actually not bad at all as a light, refreshing sparkler. But what I'm enjoying most is that it clocks in at 11 percent, and after having gone through two and a half glasses or so, I feel like I could drink a bucket of this and still be okay. As a boorishly fast drinker/gulper, this is appealing.
Conferences are the highlight of an academic's life. No joke. We lead sad lives.
Betimes I had a blow out to demonstrate on my cranium my allegiance to the L.A. Guns but then the arrival of L.A. poseurs unappealed the blow out stylings and eventually I shore (cropped) my locks.
My penis ("dick") did not have the tactile quality of corn today, but I did apply some new fragrance to my nether regions in case I should encounter some pleasant relations of the erotic sort today.
holy shit me too
teh bromance, you like it?
And this is how Kira will come to find himself getting pegged by a twenty-four year-old woman as he wonders, "How'd this happen exactly? In any case, I wish I were properly vasodilated."
On the one hand, King Lear teaches us, "the worst is not / So long as we can say 'This is the worst.'" On the other hand, I'm pretty confident that Kira is the worst poaster within the realm of human possibility.
use lip balmbutt chug coffee
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