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Ahh, if we can split them we might do it.
Had some of this for the first time at Osteria Mozza last night. Really good, with an intensely long bitter finish. Had no idea it was so pricey for an amaro ($60 for a bottle on the Astor Wines website). Fortunately, the bartender comped us. And a quartino of wine. And another two glasses of wine. And a cocktail.
Is it worth it?
Just a casual road trip to Carmel and then to Napa. Should be fun.
yes, he was a good fluffer
In the frenzy and chaos of my wedding day, I completely forgot to wear my pocket square. [[SPOILER]]
The relevance is that, after the fact, rnoldh can snort and chortle and say the cops did a good thing by killing a black person with a criminal record. His enjoyment will be enhanced by thinking about Al Sharpton. And also, rnold gets to say shit like:
Typical Ataturk disingenuousness. Use fancy words! Then return to the very imbecilic position in question!No, my argument doesn't boil down to, "Everyone's the same." My position boils down to, "There are obvious and major differences across populations and groups. It's really difficult to pinpoint the precise degree to which these differences are culture vs. genetic. And I'm suspicious of the motivations behind the desire to pin down differences to genetics--or, not even...
If we were to take human genetic particularities & their effects on behavior patterns across regions (taking into account different historical degrees of relative isolation vs. inter-breeding), then we'd have to have a really complex model of populations across time leading to the present. Instead, we rely on four or five fucking colors. Or colors in some combination with continents (with one said continent containing the majority of the world's population, across...
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