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Nice try, but we all know that 62 year-old = aol.com. Maybe Conne should e-mail her.Because that fish lives very deep under water and when it's pulled to the surface, the rapid change in pressure means that its eyes partially pop out of their sockets. So, that's why. I guess you'd both look and be surprised too under the same circumstances.
I think the 44% abv Italian liqueur I bought will be the end of me. Mixed with seltzer, it makes a delicious bitters soda that I can pretend isn't very alcoholic. And then five or six of those later, I realize I'm sloshed.
Huh, I perused this thread despite not being pissed off about anything in particular, but now I am pissed off. Do us all a favor and fuck off, fang.
Here's a joke: your money or your life! Or, perhaps: your money (or your life)!
I only use fresh-squeezed lime juice for my margaritas. Come to think of it, those margaritas and bootlegged episodes of The Wire got me through my first year as an assistant professor.
Going to the government-run booze store after happy results in bizarre purchases like this. Turns out it's pretty good, though. (Also picked up a bottle of Highland Park 12.)
Thanks for the kind comments and the feedback--will try a FIH knot with this combo next time I wear it. The tie isn't anything fancy--just Charles Tyrwhitt via one of their frequent buy-a-shirt-get-a-tie promos.
New Posts  All Forums: