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An experience I've grown accustomed to: at some lame, big-box retail setting, hear music that I like. Momentarily wonder if lame, big-box retailers have gotten cooler. Then instantly realize that I'm in the middle-aged demographic that shops at lame big-box retail stores and they're catering to my nostalgia.
have you considered that maybe waffle house, a burger, or a gyro is so heavy that it would make sexytimes unpleasant or even impossible, whereas a slice of pizza might provide just enough libidinal energy, in which case you have been choosing gluttony over lust
^ yeah, the pineapple one is pretty disappointingIs that just a different label than the ones they slap on for U.S. export? Or is that a different beer from Saison Dupont than the one with the green label?
what is this? a bar for ants?
Hmm. Hard to know if the red Polo vest would've worked better with that ensemble. Can we get a comparison pic?
"you should see the other guy's dinner"
you have to post a pre-fight robe + trunks & boots fit pic. probably to streetwear
It turns out that the former winemaker at Beaux Freres is the brother-in-law of someone I know pretty well. And according to my Facebook feed, the guy left Beaux Freres to start up his own husband-and-wife wine venture: They're taking early orders and shipping out their first batch ever in early April. No info to be found on any of these wines (other than the brother-in-law I know declaring them to be delicious). But I'm going to take a gamble...
'amateur bout' was probably just the doctor's euphemism for 'colonoscopy'
jesus christ let's just all cook our steaks however we feel is best or become vegan
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