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whose sock puppet is this--edina or suited?
no biscotti dick pics plz [[SPOILER]]
When Fox News had been accused of being fake news, that accusation boiled down to: the network injects too many partisan opinions, distortions, or even loaded errors in order live up to some definition (admittedly a nebulous and contestable definition) of "news." In this election cycle, more literal forms of fake news popped up. Referring to this literally fake news as fake news doesn't necessarily invalidate the prior critique and it certainly doesn't cancel out the fact...
the weirdest thing is that this somehow meets my implicit, nebulous criteria for the what constitutes a "game"something something wittgenstein
Uhh:"population density is correlated with some serious social problems" =! "we should ship people out to the idyllic countryside"I'm sure this won't register in your juvenile fantasyland of simple solutions that would surely work if it weren't for libruls.In any case, Medwed's stupidity is fucking on point today. Maybe more entertaining than it's been since his cry for term limits.
Yes rural America is the bucolic fantasyland you describe. Sometimes will-o-the-wisps appear and guide the rustic bumpkins to lovely milkmaids and chaste courtship ensues. There's no poverty because anyone can just plant a meth tree.
What're you talking about? Hillary's not Jewish.
sometimes you just have to find the right orifice
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