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I'm surprised no one has mentioned - you should Find some authentic ganja All inclusive is fun but the one time I did it was with 4 bros and I was 17... So I guess it depends on what you're expecting of the trip
Quote: Originally Posted by gtg732w I'm going through the same thing now, but I'm not confident... My father-in-law gave me a humidor and after a couple of months I realized that the hygrometer was broken You don't have anything to lose trying to rehumidify (I'm holding out hope for a Davidoff Reserva 12 and a Cohiba Black Robusto), but I wouldn't hold out hope that you're going to get the same flavor profile as you would with a fresh cigar (or...
Going along with the submariner theme, have you considered a nato strap? Comfortable, doesn't scratch and costs nothing to replace. Plus you can change colours etc easily. It just depends on taste - some say it makes a watch look cheap, and some are converted. Here's the classic Bond strap from Goldfinger. The Black carbon coated ones mentioned before are apparently extremely difficult to scratch but are overbudget
Get a shave at Geo. F Trumpers There are a lot of good bars, but if you like cigars, go to the Lanesborough. Spoiled for choice with clubbing too, but that can be hard to organise. All depends how many people there are in your group though...
Not practical, but if it's a second car... I want one as a daily driver but it'll take a while until I'm old enough to insure it... I've spent far too long lusting after these on youtube This is more practical and I'd take it over a ford gt any day
They usually earn a bit over minimum wage here so it's not like in the us where they're underpaid. Usually at a restaurant or nice bar, the standard 12.5% "optional" service charge is added to your bill and most people are embarrassed not to pay it or the total won't add up. It's accepted as being a part of the price of a meal etc. A tip on top of that is quite rare depending on the customer. At pubs and most bars, one doesn't tip the bartender. If there's table...
I voted yes and no.... couldnt decide on one or the other Obviously a bottle every night of the week is way more than the recommended limit. But on the other hand every now amd then it's soo nice to enjoy your favourite beverage all night... and its quicker than you think drunk poasting ftw!!11!1 check that spelling though
Without a doubt the best in this country
Why isn't he wearing a tie?! The first one could be somewhat believable, but what's up with the other one?!
Quote: Originally Posted by samus If you're after Italian Scalini was also good, but not extraordinary. Bibendum is popular, though I never made it there and I think it's on the pricier side. Bibendum is rather good, but I wouldn't go if I were only visiting
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