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Cool, thanks Gavin. The size 30 Narrow fit I just picked up measure 16" exactly across the waist band. Does that sound about right?
My search skills seem to be failing me - are United jeans sanforized? I'm guessing yes, but would like to be sure so I can decide whether to keep or return the pair I just picked up.
The Fullcounts look like they were made for you. Good choice and good job on picking the perfect size!
How in the world did you get honeycombing that high up? How tall are you, and what's the inseam on those? They look good, just weird placing on that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexstar I think they look fine i guess a little more distinguished without stacking (if jeans can be distinguised) i cuff my eternals to get this look... i wear for more semi- formal occcasions i feel it works... others prollyy disagree Yeah, that's what I was trying to do. More of a dress pant fit with very little break, but it just felt weird in jeans. Maybe it's bringing up repressed memories of being...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang They carry Rag & Bone, 5EP, Earnest Sewn, Nice Collective. What 5EP are you seeing? EDIT: You're in Austin, so I'm guessing it's an in-store thing. .
I interviewed with Steve and Barry's a while back. It seemed like they strived very hard to stay so cheap. Each store has a different price. The store I interviewed at was at $6.98 iirc, so everything in the store excluding shoes was $6.98. Tees, jeans, parkas - everything. They were really proud of a lot of their sports stuff - real embroidery on some jerseys, some college licenses, etc. They told me money was always an issue. The only people full time were the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmm too short. you might have to single cuff. Yeah, I think you're right. They're definitely too short with no shoes on, but the boots make my hem hit a little higher than normal. I'm rocking my Sorahikos uncuffed, so I need to decide if I want one ~2" cuff or a tiny double cuff on these. Decisions, decisions... Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit Nudie RRDS w/ Alden Indy? Almost. ...
Do my jeans look too short? Didn't think this warranted its own thread. I really like them double cuffed, but at some angles I think they look short.
Most people on here are hipster wanna-bees.
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