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In need of some casual black boots. I'm a size 11c by Alden's size chart. They don't have to be lookers, but need to stand up to wear a few times a week.   Also looking for 33/33 ish pants in a charcoal or navy wool/silk blend.
 +1Though I do prefer the croc pattern for belts over gloves/shoes
I've got upgrades planned! But I'm still riding all winter. Upgrading the whole suspension and getting a second set of wheels so I can swap studded tires on/off as needed.   I probably need to change the oil soon and replace the breaking bits. I'll also be fabricating a new bashplate and mounts that will offer real protection rather than the aluminum foil POS that's on there currently. Possibly removing/replacing the engine subframe entirely.
Looking for a pair of grey pants to match a thrift pickup. Any combination of 33 & 34 will do for sizing.   The catch: 50/50 wool/silk blend.
I went ahead and bought a BMG Discovery jacket. It was absolutely worth it. I'm also in the process of doing a bunch of things to my bike (lights, exhaust, auxiliary fuel tank). Just in time for my favorite riding season :)
I think it entirely depends on their attitude about it. Worth a shot though. Bring in the tags with you.Let this be a lesson to always try things on at the tailor. In my most recent trip I found the sleeve still tacked and part of a coat tail still opened up. Glad I tried it on there and gave them a once-over.
 Right. I always forget about those since I don't have any. I would go square bottom if you decide to include it.
Seconding the no tie with jeans. I've got a brown corduroy coat I like for more casual wear. It's light enough to wear with jeans. Alternatively wear khakis & blazer with or without the tie, or just wear a suit (hosts allowing).  Try to not outdress the groom.
Yes, but it be much less noticeable in unstressed areas (not the shoulders, elbows, etc)
Give me a deal I can't refuse on a few of those squares. And maybe a couple ties that compliment. And I'll take a white 16.5 34/35 if you have one.
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