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Thanks everyone for the suggestions; very much appreciated!
Thanks! Also, do you think less structure would be best?
Moving back to Miami very soon and will be working in investment banking; need to pick suit fabrics for the weather. Would like to pick up or have made 5 suits of a fabric weight and type appropriate for the hot and humid weather, with color and pattern appropriate for work (currently in banking in NYC and wear mostly charcoal and navy in heavier fabrics, more business casual during the summer). Any thoughts? Advice on shirting appreciated too. Thanks in advance!
Christofuh - where did you find these? Can't locate at Nordstrom...
Anyone know where I might find the Santoni Perla?
That's a hot boot - what is it?
Any J. Crew gift codes/online discounts available?
Nice chesnut monkstraps - sale ends tomorrow:
Nice shoes - sale ends tomorrow
Anyone know if the Mansion or other NYC stores carry the black skull & crossbones umbrella?
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