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^ His tie is heinous
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design Considering the venue and the audience
Mr. R looks pretty solid. You could do business in that suit of his and not look like a distracting clown (DC) like many of these others guest posers. Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I like this one - surprised it hasn't been posted. ^ Flair but Sharp
HJ (classic tux) and DC for the win Craig nailed it for such an event.
I have it in Navy. Great cut, and I like the ticket pocket. Nice lining also.
I would attend for some jodhpur boot action.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris April: Put this with suede chukkas and I'm down with this cool style.
Whoopee's (Chitty Chitty Chang Chang) suit silhouette is my fav. His Tux is perfection in style. Baron is the coolest mf on the board; able to juggle formal to street without looking theatrical or a glorified grandpa. A.Harris does this well also. These guys could do business without distracting, go to a nice louge or take it to a pub with their wardrobe. The 4 horseman have the best fits to quality and could bank roll the overthrow of small country with their...
Five Elements Ninjas (Shaw Brothers Movies (Black Belt Theatre)
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