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I like a Navy TN for day as the black just strikes up the Dieter from Sprockets image, "Now we dance!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHZR9SA5pOg
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Thor is Marvel. Superman and Batman are DC. Unless it happened in a crossover, it didn't happen. Anyway, I think Superman could beat Thor--and Batman for that matter. I tire of the whole "but Batman could use his brains to trick Superman into flying into a Kryptonite cage" argument. Superman isn't necessarily stupider than Batman, and the fighting usefulness of Batman's intelligence depends very heavily on...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Obviously, you're never read the Dark Knight Returns. Batman kicks Superman's ass. Doesn't Thor, the Thunder God kick both these guys to the curb? And his hammer is larger.
I wish the question was as simple as quality vs. quantity as a wardrobe seems to be more complex than an either or. Many items are for the diverse events of life I attend. Some of these places are not the place for quality as much as for style. In fact, style is greater than substance for many of today's modern events. And I've found some of the consensus views of many of the appauled, SF approved stylistic selections to be some what eccentric and off for places and...
Where are Elwood, Indiana and Racine, WI
$3,800 dollars.
Quote: Originally Posted by plotter What is your size? You could ask to meet up with another SF user and ask to try on their shoe. As weird and awkward as that may be, it may be your best option for ensuring fit. I have a bunch of myself in EU41. Almost sounds like a drug deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 Tom has nothing to do with Brooks Brothers, he has been working in the glasses industry for the past 12 years and takes pride in the fact his frames are the best you can buy. Made from lots of different materials, his production cost is much higher than any other frame His business seems to be picking up quite nicely, I have known him personally for a number of years Thank you.
http://www.tdtomdavies.com/bespoke.html About to get pair, what's the 411?
Quote: Originally Posted by winston Can't find it on the website. Does it contain any man-made fibres? http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...8222/18222.jsp No jacket required: fine wool in a heavy 7-gauge knit means you'll stay warm, no matter how low the temperature dips. We like to layer it over a thermal for two times the insulation. Full-button mockneck. Military pockets with button flap closure. Vertical welt pockets. Import. Dry clean.
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