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My favorite: The Attolini will have people asking about what your wearing as it's notable. But the Rub'UrNacci might be better for that Neopolitan CBD vibe. Is that a Berluti satchel?
Anyone surmise his tailor?
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Hell no! D&G are still made in Italy Instead of rice, I'm curious what they feed Italian sweatshop children?
Grandpa style/shoes
Muchos gracias Senor
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonsun Can someone tell me who makes this DG suit? (Page 6),0,0&format=0
No thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I like a few of those but I picked A. It's so basic and perhaps not the obvious choice for a guy like you, but I feel like I'd wear the hell out of something like that for many years, especially if it was cut as perfectly as your stuff generally is. I chose A for similar logic and it will always be in style.
Maybe if you are in the NBA or part of Steve Harvey's entourage.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley shit, where you been Soph? Working and studying and my girl thinks I have too many clothes as is
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