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How quickly Obama has failed is truly amazing.
"There Was a Time
Free Willy
Quote: Originally Posted by Mblova Abso. Sometimes(barely) the dude can be spot on, other times he's been smoking too much of the ganga. Which is equivalent to a monkey throwing darts Roubini does look at bit Simian though. Seems everyone is predicting a correction then another bullish run later which means it will not work out that way. I'm still pretty bullish, with such ridiculous low rates (making alternative fixed investments...
Here are some of Magician Roubini's other master predicitions from just last year: Oil: below $40 for all of 2009 (Oil's been to >$80 already) Roubini March Sucker's Rally: The S&P 500, which he predicted would crater to 600 has surged above 1000. One of the best was near the very bottom, he stated that hedge fund redemptions would force the markets to close for days and the worst is ahead of us
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Bloomberg is pretty good, far better then both of these options. I'm a fan of Bloomberg. BB consisently provides more balanced, low 'shock' value news.
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe he will need to put some banker´s heads onthe chopping block shortly. Ha! I was actually picturing something along those lines with all this PR, Populist BS he started. He's just shooting himself in the foot. Notice how he didn't consult Bernanke or anyone that has a clue about this bank reform bs. Oh well, he'll never get any of it passed in any reasonable amount of time. And if he pushes it, he'll...
Political posturing. The Democratic party just got its ass handed to it on a fkg silver platter, did you expect anything less? http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p...7BEmg3JQ&pos=8 “I understand the short-term political bang some people think they can get” by opposing Bernanke’s confirmation, Dodd said. “I hope they think about the longer-term implications.”
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI I like. +10 to the infinity power
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria That's why you should read this forvm on the toilet, door closed, like most do. Run the faucet also. - B And clear the browser history. "You paid what for these shoes?" What are these wooden things that go into your shoes? What is this (Vass) wooden shoe puzzle? Why do you have 7 pairs of brown shoes? haha
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