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Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Thor is a pothead. Thor, God of Thunder and Hemp
Quote: Originally Posted by The Deacon DC and Marvel have done this already. Wasn't that for money. Think independently.
Ride the chukka in suede or brown leather.
Just got them, thez be sweetness. Working on pics. Really nice subtle color arrangements to choose from. They have an ice pick device to measure yon noggin.
You need a special pocket for a chubby.
I just mixed a Quality protein shake
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Yea, but without a German accent I think you can pull it off Nach Geld stinken!
I like a Navy TN for day as the black just strikes up the Dieter from Sprockets image, "Now we dance!"
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Thor is Marvel. Superman and Batman are DC. Unless it happened in a crossover, it didn't happen. Anyway, I think Superman could beat Thor--and Batman for that matter. I tire of the whole "but Batman could use his brains to trick Superman into flying into a Kryptonite cage" argument. Superman isn't necessarily stupider than Batman, and the fighting usefulness of Batman's intelligence depends very heavily on...
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