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As long as they have those skeleton suits for the gang of Karate assholes again.
How innovative and original.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fycus Raised the price of the deck jacket again to $138. This is getting out of hand. I am going to try and widdle the price down to $98 in the store after seeing it for that price in the catalogue. Thats ridiculous. Quote: Originally Posted by Robert How will you "widdle" it down? Are you going to bargain with the sales associate?! (And is that like "wiggle" or "whittle"?) In store,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW
Since so many politicians are Lawyers by trade. And let's assume they went to the upper tier law schools.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Really? To me, Haggard never seemed to be anything but a man selling snake-oil. He gets found to be a fake, and yet, comes out the other side with a new brand of snake oil to sell. Just a dirty sleazy businessman if you ask me, taking advantage of people that put trust and faith into someone with the title of preacher. Bingo! Haggard is selling used cars. He just needs a tacky, plaid sportcoat to...
I bought this for $98 at the store and free shipping to my house via a salesman. He had it on and it looked great. I'd down-Size by one Size. http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...6709/26709.jsp
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu Fittings (3x per jacket) were done in their tiny, decades-old Naples atelier, which apparently relocated to Via Filangieri a few months ago. My experience in their atelier in no way resembled that shown in the video; it instead felt more authentic than either Rubinacci Milan or Edwin's shared space on Savile Row. Measuring and cutting is done by a 70+ year Sr. Attolini (cousin of Cesare?). Cesare Attolini was there...
Malo or Zanone
Quote: Originally Posted by baseball_guy What polo is better? Better design, higher quality, more exclusive, better thread, upscale, ect... Sean Jean
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