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Quote: Originally Posted by mikeman Myofusion is great. I like it because it mixes well with water. If you plan on always mixing with milk, then most proteins will taste fine. ++++ 1 Billion dollars. Best ever!
Quote: Originally Posted by Notreknip . That said, it's not that hard to create and maintain a full-coverage physiologically equilibrated splint/guard. This are less likely to cause unwanted tooth/jaw compensatory movements and surely are more comfortable to wear. I had to switch because after trying a few, full-coverage splint/guards I still found them UNcomfortable and ruthlessly annoying to wear so I'll have to disagree. I believe my...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard I grind my teeth like a motherfucker, and I'm too lazy/irresponsible to wear a mouth guard at night (and besides, it's not exactly sexy when entertaining teh ladiez). As a result, my teeth are pretty fucking small. I mean, I still have good teeth and a nice smile and all that. I just have small teeth. Girls think they're "cute." I think they're a little less than perfect, and I'm a vain sonofabitch. I've...
After about 3 prototypes Tom Davies finally has delivered my custom fitted frames. So is Tom Davies the real deal or more fluff? The fit is dead on though. They were talking about the measurements around the back of my ear, taking into my complexion for color, the whole burritto.
Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 I also recently bought my first pair of GAs, loafers, and the rubber sole is falling apart ...much quicker than I expected and the one side where the wooden panel (don't know the particular term - please enlighten) is peeling right now. GA=Style and Marketing>Substance.
I ain't got tyme to read all this sheit Yo. You guys have completely lost all sense of reality and devled into what would be defined as some sort of mental illness and I think that's great. Isn't that an unpressed, cotton with no buttons jacket at the fitting stage? Why are you bagging on that to make an argument? Chan's silo looks very Attolini, or is it just me? I like Chan for the money and the fact that no one gives a shit about these minor issues except some of...
This thread needs pics, just say'in It's very situation oriented to me. It can be appropriate or make you look like a dork depending on several variables: event, material, colors, time of day etc. etc.
The Brad gets more utilization. The Panther is a bit more of an oddity in normal day to day wear.
As long as they have those skeleton suits for the gang of Karate assholes again.
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