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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Ahoy: - B Very understated.
Reminds me of Donald Trump, he's always wearing a pink tie, except your suit fits and you have better hair.
J. Crew is my favorite mainstream store especially for certain sweaters.
He's a clown. I can't sit thru more than 15 minutes of his one sided, shock value propaganda designed to take your money.
It's a recovery, it's simply not the quick turnaround we've been accustomed to. Bernanke will keep us afloat. Obama, or more precisely the Democratic agenda, is a complete disaster in recessionary cycles but everyone with a clue knew that going in. Did anyone really expect him to foster innovation, capital investment, tax cuts, expansion and private sector job growth? Whom are you kidding?
He's too theatrical, cartoony and costume oriented for my idea of well dressed. But that's his schtick, I get it.
At a 36R, you need strong shoulders. Where do you plan on wearing it? If you are going 27 year old casual, fit doesn't necessarily need to be bespoke ideal.
http://www.anderson-sheppard.co.uk/ I hear its bespoke is almost like off the rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Y'allz don't wear Lanvin to the gym? The fuck is wrong with you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo Does it really matter when you will be only wearing them to the gym? Because like I said, I won't just be wearing them to the gym. The converse, Ferragamo etc I have tear my feet to hell on longer walks.
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