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Are there larger sizes for those bamboo tees?
Michael, the last package you sent to me came in 2-3 days via USPS, and that was over the weekend. I've never shipped or had things shipped to me via FedEx, but I do know that UPS is horrible; everything always takes a week to come. Look, I think the most important thing customers look for in shippers is delivery time, and USPS, in my experience, comes much quicker than UPS.
PM sent.
Guy's not funny.
I would definitely buy these Michael. Make them now!
PM sent.
Hey Michael, I went and checked the website out today. I'm interested in the v neck and the striped t shirt, but the sizes I want aren't available. I'm looking for those items in a 38" chest, so from the sizing chart, that would be a small for the v neck and a large for the striped tee. Do you have these available? Furthermore, are there other colors for these items? Thank you.
There are a couple of regular tees, so I'm not sure what you're referring to. However, I think you mean the fine jerseys, which will fit like the melange. I prefer the melanges because the extra detailing makes the shirt look a lot better.
So I went to the official Nudies website and looked at their collection, and it seems like there are a lot of washes made that stores don't carry. My question is: how exactly would I go about getting some of these washes?
The only reason I check out the blog is to see pics of Emily. Sad, or creepy?
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