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Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Show's how much you know about denim construction, but figures consider you worked at a fashion store. Denim woven this loosely in weave pattern and in this weight (~12oz) will tear in the crotch with daily wear if the jean is worn slim within 3 months, the reinforcement at least doubled the life of the crotch area. Yes, he figured out the secret denim formula. Loose weave + 12oz + slim fit = tear in 3 months...
Payment sent for jackt also.
Paypal sent for zara hoodie.
I know exactly what they look like but Id like to see the ones Id be buying from you.
Pics of the new standards?
Up for sale is a Nice Collective jacket size Small, Im asking $280 ...And a Trovata size mediaum, asking $250 Questions, concerns, pictures of your girl you want to send me?
Dont ask me how I know this...its not important. The answer is eat lots of Celery. Its true.
Meh..just throwing this out there, but how about a pair of original clarks wallabees. Any style you want. I dont think those will even fit me, but its worth a shot!
Damn...if only they were 11.5's or 12's.
One guy asked me where I bought my clothes once, but thats about it. Oh...and some chick said I dressed like an old man when I wore a sweater over a button up. I however always compliment people that I see wearing things that I recognize. I work at a major mall thats a huge tourist trap so I get to see people rocking everything. The Italians that come wearing Dolce and Prada, The Norwegians rocking nudies, and the Japanese kids rocking every goddamn item of clothing I...
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