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Posts by jellywerker A fresh discovery! I love these!
Thanks for the reply, those Bowery's are delicious, but yeah, far outside the budget. The shoe I pictured is casual, but I was just looking to show an example of the toe style. The bowery is actually everything I could want, just too expensive. I'll look into the other brands and see what comes up. Again, thanks for the reply and guidance.
I'm in the market for some boots to last me the next ten years or so, with around 150 days of wear per year. My budget is $200-$450. I think my request is possible. Why am I asking a question posed quite frequently? Because most things you guys recommend have rounded toes that I really hate. Redwings and Alden, etc... seem too bulky for my taste. I have a pair of Aldo boots that I love the toe on. I've linked an image of a similar boot with the same style of toe. Please...
I'm looking to buy a new pair of jeans, but I don't know what I should be looking at. I'll likely have to order online sight-unseen if I want something raw, so I'm hoping you can recommend denim that might work. I love the fit of H&M Sliq's (size 30w x 32l), but they don't make the raw ones anymore and my pair has more repairs than original material in the crotch now. What other brands and styles have a fit comparable to the sliqs? The upper end of my budget is probably...
yes... good one. I do. My arms suit me just fine. I guess I'm looking for brands that have small sized sleeves then? I lust after these shirts. I don't know why. Are there other similar things on the market you helpful folks could guide me towards?
I am of the strong belief that 1-2 per week won't kill me. Granted, that is just a belief based on the fact that I enjoy smoking things and don't want to hear about any downsides that I can't immediately feel.
correlation =/= causation
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Communism is man's exploitation of man. Capitalism is the opposite. Genius. Who is this? Also, I go to a naval base gym. Clean and tidy. No curls in the squat rack. Have to wear a shirt though, I hate that.
I should probably start saving now for my wallypower.
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