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This speculation goes as far back as 2006 if I remember correctly. You'll see an early 2007 Reuters blurb about this. Not saying it won't happen but note that it is not the first time this has come up.
Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt did anyone post how many ounces the denim is? 13.25 oz of American grown cotton per sq yd raw. Support American-made.
Thanks for shipping this out so quickly and for the amazing deal. I hope the other 2 sell out quickly or I may give in and get another one for myself.
Hi All- This particular Black Seed denim is 13.25 oz per sq yd raw. In this weight category Cone's White Oak Collection denims feel very luxurious and is fine for summer. The indigo is pure (while the denims are totally different the shade is similar to that of the Spurr denim, which Simon has worn in very nicely). There is a peculiar black overdye process that goes on top of the fabric, which is considered an odd thing to do to indigo cloth. Cone developed this...
Hey Mauro I am so excited this project has come to fruition. I cannot wait to see the construction details in person. This jeans sounds like it truly pays homage to the unique fading properties of indigo--many things fade but none like indigo. The hardware fading, for example, will offer great contrast to denim fading, highlighting the deep and complex way indigo wears. I pray the various seam ridges we talked about made it into the final product. Even though the...
SPURR sample sale in NYC Up to 65% off retail Cash and credit cards April 29, 6PM to 9PM 5 Crosby Street, Suite 3D
Mauro...are you still able to get a hold of the "Denim Encyclopedia" they put out two or three seasons ago? It is smallish and leather bound if I recall correct. It's not very good, reference wise, but I'm a bit of a completist in this area. I am only missing that and the Martelli book in my library... Your emails keep bouncing back...drop a line when you have a chance. Cheers.
Engineered Garments Post Overalls Raleigh Denim
Thanks...think you will enjoy the next post...stay tuned!
From my blog...hope it's interesting to you. Who is Ande Whall? Part I When asked who Ande Whall is I usually start with He is a guy in New Zealand with some sewing machines at home (he just acquired a chainstitcher) and some awesome denim. Although that may sound like an oversimplification this usually impresses my audience of the next two minutes since he or she probably works in the industry and knows how difficult it is to put together a quality pair of...
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