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Here is an example that is from the earlier years like 40's & 50's not gaudy but still busy. Asking price around $3400.00. I owned this style at one time with a black background along with many other classics. I probably would still have them today if one of my girlfriends hadn't had a seizure over my owning this type of shirt. She told me to get rid of all them because they were so ugly.
I too have this same model which I bought probably 15 years ago. One of the selling points of Mephisto is that you can have them resoled. I tried this with the pair I have and the cost was about half the cost of a new pair of shoes. To me Mephistos are comfortable but hardly worth the money they cost and the resoling didn't last nearly as long as the original soles. Quite a waste of money.
I have not an eye for style as well developed as most here. But I can tell you those pieces look way too tacky for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher And before penecillin, people just got sick. Just because society went on beforehand doesn't mean it was as good. There is very much a reason people don't wear leather-soled shoes for walking/running/tennis/basketball/etc: lack of shock absorption. This is not anecdotal, this is proven: better shock absorption equals less fatigue and fewer injuries. You are absolutely right and I would not think of trying to...
Quote: Originally Posted by mell I wear Edward Green, Lobbs and Crocketts exclusively. I have several pair of Crocketts with the Dainite sole but as comfortable as they are, day in and day out, they aren't walking shoes. Dress shoes, no matter what brand, just aren't made for walking. The Crocketts I wear with the dainite sole are the Onslow, Prembroke and Grassmere models. All country shoes and all are more comfortable than you can imagine, still,...
I don't have a problem with white pants other than finding a decent pair to buy. Quality white pants in past times were a difficult item for me to locate especially at a price I was willing to pay. After years of looking, I discovered at a discount retailer in my own home town with 2 pair made in Italy for next to nothing. Such is life.
Quote: Originally Posted by jjgold I am a rebel. There just seems to be something too "show and tell" or exhibitionistic (if that is a word) to take pics of my shoes and post them on the site. Although I do like to see the pics. Don't be shy!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher A serious question: Would wearing these scream "TOURIST?" I've never been to Hawaii , and I don't know, but this is oftentimes the case. Anybody? Having lived near the beach my whole life I would have to say no. Vintage Hawaiian Shirts are quite stylish and have a particular look all of their own. It is a fine line I suppose between a cheap loud Hawaiian Shirt with Bermuda shorts which I would say no to...
Actually some things have come down in value as over the years collectors have found those things they would never have found otherwise. So now the market has become glutted with these items from so many sellers and there is little or no more market for them.
I noted in a recent article from Fortunes 100 best companies to work for that MW was number 90 out of 100. Must be some great commissions for the workers helping that rating out.
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