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Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe what do you mean by price? if you are referring to my shoes, i was just speaking rhetorically . sort of. Sorry, I was only asking a question of myself as I too have bought many, lets say, less expensive shoes. Yes, it is easy to amass a lot of ordinary shoes. But somewhat more difficult to accumulate a large quantity of the best. If I hadn't bought all the ones I have bought, then I would have more...
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe i am definitely wanting to dump some of my shoes for a pair of those. why oh why did i buy 5 pairs of guccis .?? Price?
No requirement to do so. I have used Neutral Polish many times it works fine. So go for it if you want to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill Have you ever thought about how what we're doing here is starting threads about threads? Whoa. It took awhile to sink in but I finally got it. Fabulous observation!!
That doesn't look like any ordinary horse what breed is it? And what are the wizz bangs on the its front legs?
Quote: Originally Posted by j I checked out one thrift store here and there were a lot of shirts, and probably some that might be worth reselling, if I were to comb a bit. I'm wondering if there is a good season on ebay for these. I would think spring would be best. Which brings me back to a long term rant - there needs to be an Ebay Pro where you can pay to run database searches that can tell you trends on selling items. It seems to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Thanks Ed! Sorry about that, is there an easy way to reduce the image size without using an editing tool and reposting all the jpegs? I guess it depends on who is hosting your images at photobucket you can resize and still maintain the original link. Can't say that I have ever tried it though. Nice to see you back!
Quote: Originally Posted by delusions Personally, I would not spend that much on a watch as I would be so paranoid that someone would lop off my hand to steal the $11 million on my wrist. We had an instance of this happening at a local gas station some years back. A man was killed in the restroom for his Rolex.
Give me a break everybody who can be is in the watch market now. Have you seen the offerings? Go to one of those expensive watch stores and look at all these marvelous creations. I don't know that complications are the total story. Look at the shear quantity of all these far out designs. Let me step back for a moment and contemplate the actual cost necessary for telling time.
Taking a little different perspective I have always been fond of straw hats. It may only be me but I find the premium asked for panamas a little overpowering. My taste runs to ordinary straw hats finding them to be quite sufficient. I own a few Montecristis but don't find I enjoy wearing them as much as regular straw. I could offer up a few reasons for my feelings but only if someone asks.
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