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No working cowboy would be caught dead wearing long tassels like that. Fits right in with the Harley crowd though.
I have never understood all this fascination with celebrities and the devoted following of sports. Not that one has anything to do with the other. You can be sure I will not be watching any documentary on AN.
The problem in using a straight razor is not so much in the using as getting the routine down for sharpening the razor. There is a learning curve associated with this (not easy) along with the sharpening supplies that are needed. New razors are usually never delivered shaving sharp so it is up to you to take care of this. It takes considerably longer to shave in the beginning first all the preparation then more slowly the shaving. A straight razor is not for someone on...
What can I say it's all Japanese to me. I put Google translator into play but you still lose quite a bit in the translation. I am jealous of anyone who can make headway thru that language.
My understanding is that some leathers are more susceptible to this change of color than others. Using a cream in any color or neutral won't make a difference if the leather is prone to this problem it will still get darker. Many of the leather conditioners I have seen have this very warning on them that they may darken certain lighter colored leathers.
You can never have too many shoes!
I think I am missing something in the translation here. If one has bought a correctly fitted shoe from a high quality maker such as EG, why would it be so painful to wear for the first week or so? I don't understand this are we being spoiled from all these sports and casual shoes being made today? Or is is that most of us don't spend that much time on our feet during the day. I don't remember having to endure that much agony from a new pair shoes when I was younger and...
I gotten around this problem of a loose heel in the past by going up a size and narrower on the width. One thing I have learned in buying so many shoes in my life is not to lock yourself in one size. I am sure many of you already understand this but the leaway is much greater than one would imagine. My range is 9 1/2 to 13 but my actual size is 11. If the shoe fits, you can wear it. Last year I won two EG's off Ebay and they both had tongue pads in them what a...
It's hard to tell from your picture but I would say that really soft leather is quite noticable on shoes in person. I personally would avoid wearing a shoe like that in a business evironment.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday This is the first time I've found a particularly good deal at Burlington. And I only went in because I happened to be passing by and it was frigid outside. The BCF here were I live is really dreary looking on the inside. It is almost depressing to walk into that place. It would have to be very very cold for me to want to walk into that store. But given there might be some AE's there maybe I can force...
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