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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I notice that your razor has a Nazi symbol on it. Was that original? It seems stainless steel razor blades are somewhat looked down up. It is a product of the times the traditional crowd I suppose believes in carbon and doesn't want to change. The fact of the matter is that the Japanese are making some mighty fine kitchen knives today out of a layered stainless steel. These knives beat the all the...
Most of the people I have been around in the workplace complain a great deal about their weight but know not at all how to deal with it. One of these "Ladies" busted me down one day just because I had mentioned something about a desert I had eaten. She was using the starvation method and had become so irritable in the process that she had to take it out on someone.
As an afterthought some of my cutlery. Out the Front Automatics and Straight Razors when I was buying that sort of stuff a few years back.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I was under the impression that you can have new razors honed before having them shipped so that should take care of that problem for a short while. Also, some seem to maintain that a vintage straight razor is a better shaver than the new things. But if frogs can do it, why not people? I have used a DE with Feather blades for some time now and I've never nicked or cut myself; it usually takes me about 10 minutes...
Just getting ready to buy something off ebay. Fantastic!!!!
Thankfully I don't have this problem. But on trips being too regular can be an annoyance. Talk about medicine they have some that binds you up which I have had to use at times and always take with me on trips. For me being a little constipated allows me to choose when I want to go and if I can't find time then so what. It all works out in the end. Being regular is a product of your eating habits. Most of our eating habits have been developed over a long period of...
I remember some of those all Polyester shirts from the old days especially one brand called Nik Nik. They we expensive like $80.00 to $100.00 in the 70's. A big price to pay for a style that a gullable public bought into. As has been mentioned they were hotter than hell during the summer.
Them shoes got some style!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I think LA has a Barneys and a Lobb store. I am aware of the Barneys but not Lobb (at Hermes I assume). In the past when I have gone to Bevery Hills represenative brands of good shoes were in very short supply. Sometimes only one model of a particular brand not what I would call a good selection. Last year when I was at the Brooks Bros Store they had about the biggest selection. I am not including...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Shopping in San Francisco leaves much to be desired but then I'm prejudiced because I live here. It couldn't be much worse than LA.
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