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I am reminded of the fact that when you constrain you also immobilize. Like when you have your arm in a cast. The muscles become weak and atrophy from lack of use over time. I can see nothing positive here. Proponents of braless women state that boobs wouldn't droop as much as one would imagine because those muscles would be strengthened by actively bouncing around.
All of you must be lucky as I have a constant problem with too much humidity.
Having grown up in the 50's I can say that 99% of these 80's shows I have never heard of. The only point I would make here is if one had to watch all these programs mentioned here there wouldn't much time left over in your life for anything else. TV is a great way to relax but not very productive time wise.
Looks like one to me. Dictionary says a soft felt hat worn by men.
I have owned a number of shoes with nails in the heels with only leather and no rubber wedge. These are quite dangerous to walk around in especially on waxed floors. Some Florsheims I bought many years ago were so bad that I finally had to take them in for a leather to rubber heel change out.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe really? I heard that del amo (my wife used to work at that macys) new upgrade actually surpassed that of the Grove and other upscale malls, but i have never been back since the upgrade so i wasnt for sure. i live steps away from the south coast mall and it is a great mall to walk around in and eat and visit, but unless you are a woman or someone who likes the luxury labels, there really isnt much for men! let...
I don't know what your take is on this but South Coast Plaza is a great place to shop. I have noticed lately though that many of the old standby malls especially Del Amo have been slowly dying. Their recent upgrades I don't think are going to stem the tide. Store closings are still taking place as apparently some malls are not the place to hang out anymore.
Those shoes would look a lot better if they would take a minute and turn the garden hose on them before going to work. The problem though is, obviously, that they don't have the time to mess with their shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by StevenRocks You're likely a 9.5 in Red Wings too, but if you can get to a Red Wing retailer, utilize their computerized fit system and find out what size you need for sure. I got into an argument at a the Red Wing Store over what size shoe I should buy. His machine said 10.5 and I told him I can't wear a 10.5 that I want an 11. He wouldn't even bring out an 11 for me to try on saying he couldn't be responsible for...
I agree the new polyester does wick much better today but the old stuff was horrible.
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