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One should be careful of applying to much conditioner on shoes. Over done the leather will become sticky and it will take months for that stickiness to go away.
If they would get rid of those who power sell, it would be a dam site easier to weed out all the goodies from all that garbage that clogs up that site from most of those crappy sellers.
Lived in LA area now for 63 years don't know I have much to say about it except that I like it but hate the traffic.
Considering how seldom one has to change out the sole of a shoe it makes better sense to me to do the fulls.
Classic styling statement for nearly the last 90 years--so I too am thinking of getting a pair.
I noticed that too after I posted that picture you would swear that the picture is getting bigger as you scroll.
Finally got BCF a week or so back and was surprised to find that the store had been spruced up not at all so gloomy as before. Didn't find any AE's but found these J&M's saddle shoes for $35.00. This is a nice shoe and after wearing all day quite comfortable. Actually more than comfortable it is perfect. Just goes to show that you don't have to spend more than $300.00 like you can with Mephistos to get a great walking shoe.
Does a dry-cleaning fit into this equation?
I've had the same problem with some shoes. One side or the other wrinkels in an odd place but then won't be on the other shoe. Once the crease or wrinkel starts it is not like you can stop it and move it to another place on your shoe. You will just have to live with it.
Don't expect this problem to go away with additional wearings as these types of problems tend to stay the same or get worse over time. It might have been better for you to have tried on another pair in the same size and then looked to see if the same situation was developing there.
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