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Breaking in new shoes is relative to an almost infinite number of variables. If you think about it, trying on a shoe is really never an indicator of how the shoe will ultimately wear on your foot. The fist few steps around the shoe store are a rather problematic evaluation not always perfect. I am sure we all have had a pair of shoes in our life that even though it felt comfortable initially that eventually turned into a shoe that you couldn't wear. On the other hand I...
For what it is worth one definitely should not go overboard on one of these hats. It is only a hat and hats take a beating in the wearing of them for sure. This is why when it comes to straw I only wear the ordinary ones. Sure a nice Panama is a great hat but as has been stated earlier they are hot to wear in the finer weaves and also floppy meaning they are subject to being blown around by the wind while wearing unless you have an unusually short brim. Fine...
Hat is from the 40's or 50's but that is only a guess and the leather hat band has the marking Genuine Montecristi with no maker showing.
I am never fearful as the end of the day will always eventually arrive.
I got involved in this Panama Hat thing many years ago and I can't say I understand what all the fuss is about. Now that I own a few and seldom wear them I don't feel that the added expense is worth the end result. Very few people have ever taken note of them only lumping them together with any old hat that someone would wear. Give me a plain straw hat and I will be quite happy. Straw hat on left, middle vintage Panama and on right a Panama I bought a number of...
Here is a great shoe I picked up some 15 years ago that is way too small for me but it looked so nice I had to buy it. A great shoe for that 1940's look and very high quality the equal of Alan Edmonds if not better. Inside is beautiful with no darkening of the leather. Heels appear to nailed stacked leather. Size if I can decifer the jibberish inside the shoe would lead me to belive that the it is an 8-D. Here are the measurments on the outside of the shoe 11 1/2" long...
Sometimes you just have to spring the dough for what you want. I know I wanted this tool one time for my workshop and looked for 5 years to find one used at the flea markets. Never came up with a find though so I finally dished out the $2000.00 to buy it and have never regretted it. Of course I could have found one I suppose if I had wanted to wait long enough. But still to this day I have never seen another one for sale so I would still be waiting.
I am an old fan of Spectator Shoes and love the color combination that you have selected. I have met a fair share of individuals who can't or won't wear any type of Spectator as they feel too self conscious about wearing a shoe such as this. Hey, in my mind it's fun to do it a little differently once in awhile.
He can afford to dress well.
I once read a story of a British hunter who cleaned all his guns every week even if he had not used a particular one. The moral here is he eventually wore the rifling out from over use of the cleaning brush not from the shooting of it. Use a brush to keep the dust off and don't worry about the weekly cleaning and polishing.
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