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Quote: Originally Posted by VENDER It's funny, walking around in public, I look at people and look at what they wear and wonder to myself, "Does this person not care about fashion and how they look or do they just have awful style? Or am I the one with bad taste?" Anyway, I'd have to disagree that people pick their social groups and dress for those people. Out of my friends, I'm the only one that is really concious about fashion and style, while my...
I wear what I like = "I dress the way I do, because the people who won't like how I dress, I don't care for. The people who will like how I dress, I want to attract." We pick our social group, and we dress around that.
that's fake poly bag, purple sizing label I found this on google. Very interesting designs + benchmade with full grain leather. But I don't have any experience with the company.
I found one blue label shirt....once. Otherwise, the ones I've been too have been junk.
the Mensa standards aren't very high. 163 on the lsat? Elle Woods got 179!
t-shirt and shoes
Why do people need to be labeled? This guy is just trying to coin a phrase, the next 'metrosexual.' Please, lets not.
Distressed jeans? Raw, non-boot cut jeans, preferably selvedge, preferably dense is what is worn here. Not too low, now too high.
land's end? I have some of their dress shirts, which are really well-made for the money.
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