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simply terrible
I have one anna matuozzo shirt. It's gorgeous of course, fits perfectly, but I almost never wear it. It's a bit too delicate. -dpt
ralph lauren purple label t-shirts? They're really nice...but they're cut more to be luxury undershirts, really long
hey, lowly 1L here, I'm interning at a federal district court this summer...any suggestions as to what I should wear the first day?
I guess not.
This seems about right
It's not the heat that shrinks wool. It's the sudden shift in temperature. I know in austin, they had a CO-2 cleaner, Hangers, but the prices were about double, so they had to close down operations.
I think I threw up a little, in my mouth.
Quote: Originally Posted by VENDER It's funny, walking around in public, I look at people and look at what they wear and wonder to myself, "Does this person not care about fashion and how they look or do they just have awful style? Or am I the one with bad taste?" Anyway, I'd have to disagree that people pick their social groups and dress for those people. Out of my friends, I'm the only one that is really concious about fashion and style, while my...
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