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A thinly veiled attempt to dissuade forum members from bidding? You jackals! those shoes are all mine! muahaha
simply terrible
I have one anna matuozzo shirt. It's gorgeous of course, fits perfectly, but I almost never wear it. It's a bit too delicate. -dpt
ralph lauren purple label t-shirts? They're really nice...but they're cut more to be luxury undershirts, really long
hey, lowly 1L here, I'm interning at a federal district court this summer...any suggestions as to what I should wear the first day?
I guess not.
This seems about right
It's not the heat that shrinks wool. It's the sudden shift in temperature. I know in austin, they had a CO-2 cleaner, Hangers, but the prices were about double, so they had to close down operations.
I think I threw up a little, in my mouth.
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