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i concur with kdsvs
Jil Sanders currently isn't making anything.
You could have done worse, it's not an ugly shoe. I don't like the toe though, it's far too severe. I would pay 50 bucks for that, max. For that price at retail, I would get Allen-Edmonds. It's a boring but quality brand. But you know what? You're going to wear those AE's 5 years later.
I had one 'mock' interview, with a firm that didn't hire 1L's, which I also had no interest in working for. That day, I wore a medium-gray suit, tan shoes, a linen pocketsquare, a gingham-est spread collar shirt (with bigger squares), and an olive knit cashmere tie. Otherwise, black/merlot shoes, white shirt, silk navy tie w/ small white dots. No pocket square.
If you think tailors in Dallas are bad, you should come down to Austin (although I think, I finally found a good one). No, I'm just going to spend time with my parents (6 weeks! ) before I start an internship in July, so no suit buying for me. I have a suit with sleeves that are 3/8's inches too long. I also have a pair of cords that are an inch too long. All I need is a person who'll do quality alterations work. Reading the previous posts, a place on Preston and...
Andy, what size do you wear? I have a pair of Merlot Park Avenues I'm thinking of selling. 9.5d's. I've only worn them twice for my 1L spring OCI.
Thanks for the tip on the white linen square. For some reason those are hard to find cheap.
I'm going to be in dallas for 6 weeks. Can someone recommend a good tailor? [edit] n/m, should've done a search first
wow, that was quick if anybody wants mackays 7.5 for 500...unfortunately, not my size
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