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I usually go to the 7.99 place on the drag. When I went to the 13 dollar place by the HEB, it was total shit.
Hi, I have a pair of AE Park Avenues in Merlot 9.5 D. More or less new. I wore them twice, and polished them once. Since then, they've been sitting in shoe trees. Looking to sell for $100.
there's always febreze.
Wool smells when wet. Let it dry.
Wrxsti04, You're a sheep that just walked into a wolf den. Pkincy, I've wasted a lot of money on ebay. Although I have saved a lot too. Wasted more than saved though. But like a gambling addict, I'll keep on playing until I'm even. :P. Now, I only buy from sellers I trust.
That's a nice price if that's a corneliani made one, even if half-canvassed, I love the cut of the Polo II. But I can't really justify buying another suit right now. I have one, but that's all I need...right now.
Of course, 'virgin' wool, that is, new wool will be the best material for a suit. But the quality of the material will depend on more than whether it is 'virgin' or whether it is 'wool.' Was the material from reputable fabric mill like Loro Piana, Zegna, etc? s150, s140 is a gimmick. A suiting material can be s150 but complete crap. Also a suit is a very complicated piece of clothing. Highly constructed. 199 will never get you a nice suit. But you're on a budget....
I think the vast majority in this forum will be against elastane, based on the talismanic aversion to synthetics. But any suit will at least have a synthetic lining. First, I would look at try both on, and see how it moves. Of course, the elastane/spandex/lycra will keep the suit from wrinkling, but at the same time I would think that the suit would wear less naturally. It might look too 'synthetic', like a lot of the stuff you'll get from Banana Republic. A harder...
This guy is obviously very young, and we should cut him some slack for posting that very rude post. But at the same time, all of us, were thinking what cdsvs was thinking, it looks costumey. The skinny tie, the satin pocket square, the double-breasted suit, the fedora, the too long shirt. That's honesty OP, and learn to accept it with grace.
I'm not qualified to answer your question, but I wanted to ask what exactly are the benefits of elastane in a suit?
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