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. As if morality or ideology was inapposite to 'practical' reasoning.
no, the carlsons are some italian made shoe. --- novaguy, but what about the suede derby with channeled soles above? the same medallion seems pretty suggestive me that the channeled shoes are c&j. anyway, still a good deal I think even if they aren't.
i think they're c&j. look at the medallion. there is certainly nothing in that thread to suggest that they're made by sanders except the supposition of one person who has never tried them one. Notice the similarity of the flaps on these bluchers ------------------------- Sanders and Sanders
I got the two I wanted
get two buckets, one with hot water, one with cold. let it sit in the hot water for a minute and then immediately put it in the cold. let it sit for an hour.
I understand. I've seen your type before. It's a rare one though.
Looks good.
I'm not exactly sure what you corrected me on. I looked in the dictionary, and the meaning of synthetic is man-made. Well, thank you very much sir, for whatever you did.
Needlessly pedantic. The last two posts.
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