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The company that runs also runs, I know because I made a Polo order and there was a problem with the billing. I got an e-mail from burberryusa. I thought that some chav has stolen my credit card and bought crap on burberry.
No, all the Corneliani shirts I've seen fit like tents. Try finamore, or barba.
all these shirts are listed in the 'buttondowns' section
Yeah, sounds pretty 'standard' actually. Does anybody have any barba napoli pants? How's the quality compared to incotex?
thanks Anybody know the width of the opening on the jcrew slim fit chinos? I would go to the store and just try them on, but they're only available online.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Young It seems like the only reason sniping works is because people aren't putting their true valuation when making their bids. Ebay's auctions are sealed bid (ie you can't see others bids, unlike an English auction) 2nd price (i.e. the winner pays the next highest bid); the optimal strategy in theory is to bid your true valuation; the winner pays the highest loser's valuation (plus a penny). That being said, people...
all my PL polos have 3 buttons
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