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It's alright. But I think you need some more stripes.
I think he copped out when he said "almost always"
Ties without jacket was a bit of a theme in some of the recent fall/winter runway shows. But the tie color matched the shirt. Anybody want to give it a go?
I like the third outfit, except I would roll my pant's leg down.
luc, 15in/38cm
FIH carries size 34 suits I don't know about the quality of the suits, but the owner is a regular poster here.
The one I have is labeled "anna matuozzo" although all the others on shopthefinest are AM napoli. I sent an e-mail to Ian asking about the difference and he said he could fine none. The one I have is mostly machine-stitched except a little bit of hand-stitching on the sleevehead. Hand-stitching is a gimmick. I much rather have a charvet than a borrelli.
I have one AM shirt I got from The fit is very slim, and the sleeves didn't need to be shortened. (32.5 inch sleeves). I have very narrow wrists and the cuffs were actually snug. Shirred cuff and back instead of pleats. 5'8, 145 lbs.
I just got my shoes. They're gorgeous.
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