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never iron your non-irons, it starts a chemical reaction triggering a nuclear explosion what do you think happened in chernobyl?
Moosy, Fine Stitch on Avenue B. A chinese lady who speaks pretty decent english. I had a pair of pants hemmed and a few darts put into my shirts. The work was carefully done, and the hem was hand-stitched. It was also really quick. A couple of days for anything. Be warned though, the location is a bit odd. I don't know about more complicated stuff, but the lady who had come in before me raved about an apparently innovative placement of elastane in her dress.
I went to Preston Alterations and Shoe Repair (Joe Hernandez). The work was truly sloppy. The buttons don't kiss. I told him I wanted the button offset to be only an inch and not the usual 1.5 inches. Guess what? 1.5.
linen is easier to fold, silk makes a better puff i'm not a fan of sheen either
For a little more you could buy EG, or for a little less, C&J handgrades. Both are much better made.
black and decker d2030, works great
try one of those erasers...you can find them at most drugstores, nordstroms, and cobblers if that doesn't work, suede cleaner spray...again available at the same places
white linen with a tv fold is the best choice
It's alright. But I think you need some more stripes.
I think he copped out when he said "almost always"
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