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traffic is hell, I recommend you live within walking distance, or ride your bike
on yoox, they have the opening measurement. some of the incotex pants on there are quite wide, some quite slim. they sell the narrow pants in the US. it just depends on the style, not market.
why not just wear no-show socks?
L337 Krew
It's disturbing when you can see nipples through 2 layers of clothing.
Coulter calling 9/11 widows witches? Isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?
Impeachment is a matter controlled by Congress. And is not subject to oversight for the courts. The precedent is pretty clear on that point. The constitution sets only the requirement that the impeachment be for high crimes and misdemeanors. I remember reading the the phrase 'high crime and misdemeanors' was a term of art in 18th century British law. Basically, severe criminal activity or misdeeds not crimes (the word misdemeanor having a different meaning then). For...
I think a post on AAAC identified 3.5 as the most trad of widths
it looks quite well-made....there was thread back about how well-made that particular madras jacket was, but I don't think any sensible person is willing to pay 2900 lest 1000 dollars on a madras jacket.
I think pants are less important than shirts. A pair of pants are easier to fit than a shirt. But I still spend a good deal on pants because I prefer the neopolitan fit (borrelli, barba, some incotex, mabitex). It's hard to find that style at target or even trendy stores like A/X, since the neopolitan fit is much more tapered. I use to wear then with no break. But I have seen the light and now wear them with a half break. I usually grab them when Yoox has it's final...
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