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I wear what I like = "I dress the way I do, because the people who won't like how I dress, I don't care for. The people who will like how I dress, I want to attract." We pick our social group, and we dress around that.
that's fake poly bag, purple sizing label
http://www.leatherbelts.com/leather_..._belts_be.html I found this on google. Very interesting designs + benchmade with full grain leather. But I don't have any experience with the company.
I found one blue label shirt....once. Otherwise, the ones I've been too have been junk.
the Mensa standards aren't very high. 163 on the lsat? Elle Woods got 179!
t-shirt and shoes
Why do people need to be labeled? This guy is just trying to coin a phrase, the next 'metrosexual.' Please, lets not.
Distressed jeans? Raw, non-boot cut jeans, preferably selvedge, preferably dense is what is worn here. Not too low, now too high.
land's end? I have some of their dress shirts, which are really well-made for the money.
I think it's just the clothes. case in point: http://www.revolveclothing.com/image...S80_V1-BIG.jpg
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