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I think it's just the clothes. case in point:
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD 29-30. Umm, no, US sizing has no such thing. You're thinking of suit size. A size 36 suit, if it has a 6 inch drop has size 30 trousers. If the trousers alone says 36 US, it's going to be a 36 inch waist.
You should try plaid button-ups. Where I am, I'm on the only guy wearing plaid, so it stands out a bit. Solid color button ups are too blue-collar mid-american, while stripes only makes you look very typically trendy. The favorite one I have is a slim rl blue label, which is a very british tartan blue-red-green. I also have an more flannelly custom fit from their regular polo line. Re-done grunge. A silk button-up? I think that's too gawdy to wear with anything.
I gotta agree. Optical white skinny jeans are going to be hot. And I'm gonna rock them when I find them, no matter how much my girlfriend protests.
I don't think you understand what I'm getting at. There's a different between tucking your pants in your boots, and blousing them. Blousing your boots requires the use of a boot band, a small elastic band with hooks on the end of them. You place them over your boot, them fold your pants a few times. You then pick up the band with your pants leg and then tuck them under. They give a bloused effect to your pants with actually tucking them in. It works the same way as the...
Seeing how there has been a military trend the last couple of years, I wonder why no one has caught on to this particular military form of dress: bloused boots? Is this nuts? I see a lot girls, and some guys tucking their pants into their boots, blousing them would look a lot neater. Who's with me?
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