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I have those. They're from J.crew
I usually wear a 9.5 in most dress shoes and wear a sz 9 tellman. I don't own the carlson.
Lets all post our photos.
a rebranded HEB isn't such a bad thing, HEB is by far the best-run conventional supermarket I've shopped at.
hurrah for the forum consensus
traffic is hell, I recommend you live within walking distance, or ride your bike
on yoox, they have the opening measurement. some of the incotex pants on there are quite wide, some quite slim. they sell the narrow pants in the US. it just depends on the style, not market.
why not just wear no-show socks?
It's disturbing when you can see nipples through 2 layers of clothing.
I think a post on AAAC identified 3.5 as the most trad of widths
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