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Excuse me Dan for not rushing out and reading an unedited 110 page opinion the day it is issued. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I'm pretty sure you haven't read it either. It's people like you who create the necessity of political extremism, and destroys any possibility of a middle-ground between the right and left.
I have those. They're from J.crew
Try argueing in a logical, and curtious manner, instead of resorting to flippancy. Besides, Hamdi already foreclosed the "expedient" route.
I haven't read the decision yet. But having read Hamdi, I have a pretty good idea what happened. The four liberals + kennedy decided that the mr. fix-it procedures set out by justice o'connor in Hamdi were inadequate and now the people in gitmo have to have to have a full blown trial in federal court or under the USMJ. It seems pretty clear to me that much of the evidence against the people in Gitmo are circumstantial at best. Hamdan himself was only charged with...
I'm pretty sure when Mr. Buffett made this decision, he didn't compare his relative personal goodness to some waitress in Iowa who gives 200 dollars a month to charity, and I also pretty sure he doesn't care if that waitress is more laudable in the mind of some people. Why does everything have to be measured? Does charity also have to be competitive? What he did was good. Praise him and lets not try to quantify what is unquantifible: moral superiority.
I usually wear a 9.5 in most dress shoes and wear a sz 9 tellman. I don't own the carlson.
The brotherhood of man suddenly realizing that they are all one people and joining into one union of gov't for the betterment of that one people and the planet they live on? Good one.
Lets all post our photos.
a rebranded HEB isn't such a bad thing, HEB is by far the best-run conventional supermarket I've shopped at.
hurrah for the forum consensus
New Posts  All Forums: