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Why do you have to justify it? As long as its pareto efficient, i.e., I get more utility by paying more, it's not irrational. Every person makes their own judgment regarding utility vs. price. Paying $100 for nice jeans makes sense to me. Of course it doesn't make sense to most people. But both our decisions are equally justifiable, in a purely economic sense. For example, I would never purchase an expensive luxury car. But to a lot of people, it makes sense to have all...
Quote: Originally Posted by migo you let a girl shop for you? What can I say? She was hot.
I started going out to clubs a lot last year. At first, I just wore the shirts I wore during during the day with black dress pants and fairly sleek black dress shoes, but not so nice that I wasn't afraid to have someone throw-up all over them. The people I went out with (2 girls and another guy...fellow graduate students) didn't comment when we went out, but I completely felt like a duck out of water. Partly because I have no idea what I was doing out on the dance...
Hell if I care. I only buy two things at j.crew and I couldn't get them in the stores anyway: the essential slim chinos and 7-inch inseam shorts.
funny. you had excited for 3 seconds.
I think you're confusing H. Freeman with Hickey Freeman. Completely different companies.
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