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Maybe I'm a hippie when it comes to this kind of business but IMHO... 1. I don't really care, I wouldn't ask in the first place. 2. I don't buy into the ritual internet-hazing of the "post-feminist", "modern woman" or other such terms. It's a bunch of noise stacked on top some antiquated and imaginary rules that circulate in a very particular level of society. People like having sex, some more than others. In your life you'll meet men and women who have had a lot of sex...
not sure if this is has already been posted, but you guys might enjoy this article: http://www.themorningsun.com/article...0010729492.txt a more in depth article here but you need a subscription: http://www.americanscientist.org/my_...42553569193245
further drop
price drops
decided to keep this
Donated blood.
Congrats OP. Turning dietary restrictions into an identity always seemed to me a poor way of looking at the logic of the choice. You can cut your meat consumption in half and still have an effect ethically or dietary, even though such a thing isn't technically vegetarian.
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