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price drops
decided to keep this
Donated blood.
Congrats OP. Turning dietary restrictions into an identity always seemed to me a poor way of looking at the logic of the choice. You can cut your meat consumption in half and still have an effect ethically or dietary, even though such a thing isn't technically vegetarian.
Great with breakfast.
Watched the sun rise.
both sold thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Psydelik Here's my first fit pics guys. Nothing exciting, as you can tell, but let me know what you think anyways. Brands from top to bottom: BoO W+H CP Definitely too tight. Ease up bro.
purchased from bathtime, who got it from kane in the epic w+h thread. unfortunately, i wasnt aware of the kane thread over here and was ripped off $25 on supermarket by bathtime (thanks) jacket arrived and its a bit too small, back to the market it goes looking for $200 shipped, $210 international, also accepting reasonable offers google checkout preferred, paypal also okay Shoulders: 17.75" Chest: 21"
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