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Quote: Originally Posted by mikedepr or i'd get the achilles
If they're 100% cotton you shouldn't bother worrying about it. I mean, you shouldn't worry about such a thing in the first place but especially if they're straight up cotton.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara you're launching jihadist suicide bombing birds at capitalist pigs Yup. You've got the red, yellow and black birds, those are pretty self explanatory. I'm just speculating here, but the white bird probably represents the Circassians, the green are environmentalists and the blue bird remains a mystery. I'm half joking here by the way, guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Your panties, please unbunch them. Best homophobic post I've seen in this threak. "OMG THE PENISES THEY ARE SO BAD TO SEE!!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN" Quote: Originally Posted by sjg22 Is the basic question about locker room nudity not: "We all have the same equipment, so who the f cares?" Honestly, I couldn't care less about whether dudes are clothed or unclothed, because I have no...
Dates, grapefruit, blackberries.
You guys are hip to the subtext of this game right? Never actually played it but I grinned after looking at a few screenshots.
Mrs Eaves
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 This isn't terribly common, but I had someone ask me "Would you rather fail to reject a hypothesis (when you should reject) or reject a hypothesis (when you shouldn't have)?" Statistics and related fields aside, this sounds like a teamwork/management/leadership question to me. I've been in situations where I've worked as part of a team and watched one of my co-workers try out a poor idea just because I...
further reductions
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