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Quote: Originally Posted by Dave_SFU why cant this be XS Context has an XS. Bump, price reduced.
reduced again
parka has been sold, thanks for looking
bump, price drop
-- price includes shipping via USPS priority CONUS; Canada add $15; EUR and AUS add $20 -- additional pics and measurements on request sold for $600 PS: here's what other people are asking for MMM leather jackets: $800-900 $825 $1250
-- price includes shipping CONUS; Canada add $15; EUR and AUS add $25 -- additional pics and measurements on request Picked these up from The Corner a few weeks ago, they look cool but the cap toe isn't really my thing. Can't return them now as they're a little beat up. The leather and sole feel indestructible compared to other shoes I've owned. Worn on and off for three weeks. $175 > $140 >$120 On eBay: (if you...
I'm slowly being sucked into the Damir Doma universe. Rick Owens also has some appeal for me, but there isn't enough color
Quote: Originally Posted by coop86 "You can't get rich working for someone else" just about sums up my opinion on the topic. As far as the debate of rich vs. wealthy, I submit Felix Dennis' wealth chart for discussion: Wealth Measured by Cash-in-hand or Quickly Reliable Assets (net worth) £50,000 - £200,000 The comfortable poor Hah. I always thought I came from a middle class family. We're doing worse than I thought.
Aw, I opened this thread looking forward to a comparison of the mindset of middle class vs wealthy people, not a "what's the best way to get rich" thread. I'm going to a halfway decent school for undergrad, so I'm in touch with kids from all levels of society. The middle class students I know put so much pressure on themselves. So many conversations that go: "Well, I really like [x], but I'm trying to get into medical school. Maybe I can do [x] as a hobby." The few old...
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