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FYIhttp://www4.uwm.edu/eti/2007/VoterID.htmhttp://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/66343.html#ixzz1bEEs7dg1depts.washington.edu/uwiser/documents/Indiana_voter.pdfhttp://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/study_new_voting_restrictions_may_affect_more_than_five_million/http://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/policy_brief_on_voter_identification/Four different studies, with congruent conclusions. And this was just a quick google search, skimming the top 10...
I don't know why everyone is so upset about this, it will only be used against traitors like Bradley Manning and the Occupy protesters. I haven't posted on this sub-forum much before. There's a conservative/libertarian majority here, right?
Raf Simons fall / winter 2008 collection knit sweater in size 50. Dark red / maroon in color, gauzy and stretchy. Blend of wool, acrylic and whatever PA is. Has stripe effect but does not have stripes per se, see the pics. It's more of a gradiation. Fits tight for a size 50, but check the F/W 2008 collection styling, Raf called for a practically mummy-tight fit. It's also slightly sheer in places, check the third pic for detail. I'd keep this but I'm too tall for the...
Agreed. It's better than 4.0 but not by much. A background color would be nice.
I have this same jacket, it's a keeper. Looks better as it gets wear and tear.
Endovanera "Most" black wool coat in a size large for fall / winter. Contemporary styling with cues from the likes of Ann Demeulemeester or Rick Owens but without the price tag. Will accommodate 48-50 sizes, check the measurements. 100% wool outer, lined with a 60% rayon 40% acetate fabric. Four interior pockets. Comes with two modular attachments: hood and neck warmer. Asymmetric button up. Hook neck closure. Paypal preferred but I am open to other options. If you have...
Mr Porter is great, the videos are very helpful.
price reduced
Rick Owens blistered lamb high neck Intarsia, size L - Large. Color is DNA dust, a light grey. My pics are a little fuzzy because I'm shooting with an old point and shoot. If you google around you'll get a better idea for how the leather was processed to achieve a distressed, destroyed and grungy effect. Has two interior pockets with zip closure. Asking $775 shipped CONUS - $785 Canada - $795 EU + AU and elsewhere. shoulder to shoulder: 17 inches pit to pit: 20.5...
I've found this kind of dogma unreliable. The quality of calories is just as important as the quantity. Let's say two guys eat the same amount of calories for maintenance while doing resistance training. One mostly eats straight sugar and the other eats lean sources of protein. After some time, they may be the same weight, but I find it hard to believe their body fat composition would also be the same.
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