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Also want to confirm that its welted as opposed to blake that leffot is selling.
Yes, it's 3. We still need one more.
Double post
Panta clothing by Ed Morel.
Its mostly due to the currency since the EU/USD used to be more like 1.35(as high as 1.57). I believ Skoak sets their pricing in the local currency so its significantly cheaper now, but if the $US went back down cost would go up, and then factor in the fees and its pretty even. Assuming the Armoury is buying direct in EU currency they should theoretically be able to pass on the savings, but I wouldn't know. Carmina isn't helping their retailers by allowing this, and if I...
Agreed, hence my suggestion for the 74945 as opposed to the 804 if we go round.
I'm warming up to the 946. I think I prefer the 74945 for the round. The last is not a dealbreaker for me and I would go for any of them.
In for this. Will the bordeaux stain socks? Any chance for this on one of the round toe last?
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