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Patek 4910/11R
Can't comment on durability, but I recently traveled with a suit made up in Cape Horn and it held a good crease and wasn't too wrinkled.
Would you be interested in getting the NST in burnished aubergine? Anyone else? Might do this as a single MTO if there is no interest.
Would you consider aubergine, or navy?
EB has aubergine calf? The riva is a round toe.
Would prefer this in regular calf also, but preferably burnished navyAgree. I'd prefer burnished navy, but I'm not particular on the welt color.
The thickness along with the size look off to me. Vacheron and Breguet have 40 mm dress watches, but coupled with the thickness and almost no bezel, yours just doesn't look right. I understand the limitation of the movement, but you should then design the whole watch around it. The fact that 40mm dress watches looks ok doesn't mean that your design does.
Would you consider doing it with a plain toe? Which last?
9e in GG06 and EG 202 8.5 Cleverley 8.5 SC 8.5 EB 74945 and 946
I'm referring to the leather (inca grain) not the last. Coincidentally the shoes in the previous post are Saint crispin inca grain.
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