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Enzo bonafe
I find exotics look better as a plain toe fwiw, like the Vass.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the BP28 last?
The part I don't get about the wood shrinking is that it doesn't shrink uniformly across all sizes. It would most probably shrink and warp in a way that width wouldn't be the only part affected if at all noticeable. It would also mean that assuming EG has more than one last per size that they're all different. Steven said this to me too, but I don't really get it.
Surprised about the buf since its just an embossed calf.
Buday navy shell is from Clayton Leather.
Pm sent
Much clearer now! I wish it would have been a DB, but might get regardless. What can be changed for the preorder? Is it possible to get finished since they already have my measurements, and forgo the tailoring credit?
Love the seersucker, but does anyone else think it looks more like a horizontal stripe than a glenplaid
I don't know how the nmwa coat wears, but at 560g it's actually on the light side.
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