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Where do you live? You also have to figure about 200-250 to service it. You can find on eBay, but you'd need to know what you're looking for and how to spot fakes and franken watches.
For $900 I'd look at the vintage market. You can find a LeCoultre, IWC, omega... These would be far better and you'll have no problem mixing it in with other high watches down the line.
I'm a bit surprised about StC since they have similar pricing on their own site
You can try and order through nomanwalksalone
I just ordered one too.
I'm a 42.5 budapester/P2 and 42 in f.
When I met Tony at a trunk show I asked him which method is used for bespoke G&G, and he drew for me an illustration without a cut.
Tony Gaziano doesn't either cut an inside feather.
SC also has different widths. I'm surprised "please email sales@skoaktiebolaget for fit advice" isn't on auto reply.
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