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Ercole does mtm in that range, and Giliberto might also.
Have we determined shade of pearl gray?
I actually would prefer the purple/dark gray.
I believe it's a Saks label. Same as regular Kiton in construction, but they don't use the higher end fabric like cashmere and 14 micron. I think it may run a bit trimmer too.
Did you find someone in NY, or are you going with one of the leffot trunk shows? I think Steven is trying to get one of the Japanese makers to come, but I forgot his name. I'm thinking of trying Perry Ercolino since he is somewhat local in PA, and will arrange an appointment in NYC if needed which I find beneficial compared to the traveling makers that come twice a year.
Why don't you just ask leatherfoot?
Better than getting back sox from people dialing in fit.
Like I said it may be different for businesses. The license is to import. If leatherfoot doesn't provide the proper paperwork you might not get your shoes.
Are you sure about that? The paperwork has to be organized by the sender, but you still need a license to receive. Perhaps this only applies to businesses. I would check before they shipped though because unlike customs that just tacks on a fee F&W will confiscate it, and/or assess a penaltypenalty and its more than 6%.
leffot and the armoury. Ron is right regarding F&W. I think they celebrate catching these things.
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