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I just got this on the GG06 and it came out stunning.
Not at all like the U, Closer to F.
Completely agree with this. Dinkelacker triple soles are king of the budapesters though.
It wasn't that it couldn't be made, but rather it wouldn't hold the skin stitch.
Fwiw Hiro Yanagimachi also said it can't be done for the same reason as EG.
EG can't make the Dover from shell because it's not suited for that stitch.
OTR. I just don't trust myself to give accurate measurements and it seems (could be wrong) there are always posts of poor fitting garments and how to correct it. I'll have a Black Tuesday
Prefer patch.
I'm not saying that anything happened, but wouldn't you have to resole after your installation to be sure nothing happened?
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