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Thanks! I'm definitely going to request an internal locker loop on my next order.
Thanks guys. Yep, definitely interested to hear how an internal locker loop works. When it comes to external ones, I think I've only seen them on shirts with center pleats. Think it would look off to place one on a shirt with side back pleats?
Has anyone ever experimented with asking for a tab on the inside of the shirt by which the garment can be hung from a hook? This seems like a very functional idea to me but also sounds like a potentially bad one as it could cause discomfort and/or a visible protrusion when the shirt is worn. Any tips on how to execute this well or is it something I should put out of my mind? 
@JohnnyFlex Thanks for the info.   I suppose I'll just use their service and email them right away asking for the shipping label since not receiving it appears to be a trend. I do find that to be a little odd, but what can you do?
I'm hoping to get a couple of opinions on using Luxire's pre-payment method for sending in garments for copying vs. shipping garments via a preferred shipping company. The reason I ask is that I don't fully understand Luxire's pre-payment method and I've also seen some comments in this forum thread about others being confused or inconvenienced. I'm wondering if it would be easier for me to ship my items outside of the Luxire option.   More specifically, can people chime...
@luxire is there any more grey cotton fabric to make something like a pair of chinos? It looks like much of the cotton pant fabric is sold out right now. Thank you.
   Thanks to both of you! Very helpful. I will avoid this fabric for the time and will check out the pale blue linen-cotton as well. I've got my eye on those linen dress stripes too. Looks like an attractive way to make linen a touch less casual.
 Hi Beatlegeuse. You're certain that shirt at the left is the Sky Blue Cool Linen Cotton and not the regular Sky Blue Linen Cotton? I ask because I was interested in the cool linen cotton version because it seems more like a traditional sky blue than a vivid or over-dyed blue. If your post is indeed accurate, I probably need to find a different fabric. Thanks!  
Those pants look great. I was thinking about getting some Luxire linen pants but now am more seriously considering it based on their ability to resist heavy wrinkling. I really like the way yours wrinkle actually. In that state, they look like they'd wear similar to a pair of jeans but with a more refined look. 
Has anyone had any experience with the white grey stripes linen fabric? I'm thinking about getting a shirt made in it and am wondering how transparent it is. I'd probably be wearing it mostly in a very casual business environment so I can get away with about anything, but I don't want people to be able to see through it.
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