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Hello ! I would like to wear a very light (almost white) linen sportjacket. What trousers should I choose (maybe dark jeans or dark navy blue trousers) ? I would choose a beige+white belt and the same whiteish/beige casual shoes. Thanks
Jeans are SOLD.
Quote: Originally Posted by b7ff PM's not replied yet... I replied it, I was working sorry. The waist is 77cm, and the total length is 109cm. Anyway these jeans are very slim, skinny..
I will let you know the measurements later this day, because currently I'm not at home.
APC New Standard size 27 in black. It's new, I bought on ebay but too small for me. 110$ shipped to US and 105$ shipped to Europe.
Hello ! I have bought an APC New Standard jeans on ebay, but don't think it is the right model... On the label there is no "New Standard" but "Rue de Fleurus Paris". I attach some pictures, please let me know if it's authentic or not. Thanks ! http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/1.jpg http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/2.jpg http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/3.jpg http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/4.jpg http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/5.jpg http://www.rezibacsi.hu/apc/6.jpg
Hello ! My actual waist is between 30-31. What size APC NS indigo should I get ? Thanks
Hi ! Do you think this sportjacket is OK to use everyday with casual jeans etc. ? http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ch...303-00012.html
Hello ! What do you think about these shoes ? Will it go with jeans+shirt ? http://cgi.ebay.com/CESARE-PACIOTTI-...ayphotohosting Thanks
Hi ! Please help me, I don't know if I should buy APC NS size 28 or 29. My Hugo Boss and Levis jeans are waist 30" (measured and tagged) but they are too tight for me I hardly can tuck in a shirt. My Zara jeans are also US size 30 but I measure about 31" waist size and it's perfect for me. I am about 5'8" tall and 155 lbs. Thanks
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