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The Sumatran that my old cafe sold had employee tasting notes of "hot garbage" and "marijuana smoke". Just gross.
+1, never had a coffee from them that I got excited about. Nice space in Williamsburg, though.
Even location on the farm can have an effect on the bean: Finca el Injerto in Guatemala sold one Bourbon lot - their Cup of Excellence lot - to Stumptown this year, and other Bourbons grown at a lower altitude on the same farm. They were processed to the same standard (red cherry, double washed, patio and drum dried) but even so, the taste profile is surprisingly different.Stumptown lists the varietal(s) on all the bags they sell, and often buys different varietals from...
I use dry white rice, an idea that I think began as a barista joke but actually works well. Cheaper than Grindz and no chemicals.Which Hario product? I've had a V60 for about a year and used it every day for the first four months I had it, but despite tweaking everything I could think of - grind, timing, rhythm, pour speed - I never got a great cup of coffee out of it. Some baristas swear that it's a great tool, but IMO a Beehouse dripper or even one of the cheap Melittas...
You probably don't *need* one, but they're pretty inexpensive (even with the Able Disk mentioned above) and you can get interesting things out of beans that you won't get from a press pot or the Chemex.I brewed a superstar Kenya Kangunu tonight with the Aeropress and Disk - it brought out the sugary sweetness without the citrus you'd get from brewing this coffee pretty much any other way. Interesting! a rebranded, refurbished Baratza Maestro Plus with a manufacturer's warranty. Probably the best espresso grinder you could get between $50-100; not quite fine enough for espresso out of the box, but easily recalibrated to a pressurized-portafilter grind. If you wait awhile, occasionally a refurbished Virtuoso will come up on their site for ~$130 (and then you'll never have to buy another grinder).
Quote: Originally Posted by MiddleClassDude See, this is the key. When I let it slip out, it's NEVER intended to offend gay people. I just grew up in a time and a place where it wasn't considered all that horrible to say it (though I can say, when I would say it, I didn't know any gay people). Not like you'd use it 100 times a day in normal conversation with people (like 'alright, gimme one of those gay muffins' at Starbucks). It's just a learned...
A few years ago.
<---- USA wins the group!
Excellent result!
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